4th of July Prep

Ms. A is becoming a little drama queen, loves to dance, try on different outfits, and prance around her playroom. Here's one of her latest photo sessions.


It's HOT outside

Say it isn't so ....

It's H-O-T. I don't care what anyone else says, it's hot. Being the first summer for the Chef family in CA, it will definitely be an adjustment. The other day I snapped a picture of our thermostat. Please note - at almost 5pm the temperature was 110 degrees. Holy hottness. Even as the night progressed and the sun set, it was still 70 degrees around 4 am. I'm not sure I'm ready for this kind of summer.


Summer Solstice

Now that summer is officially here, I thought I'd let you know we're all still alive. :)

Life is busy - just a lot of things going on right now. But, I wanted to let family and friends know the Chef family is still alive and doing well. Summer hit and we've been busier than ever! In addition to the Iron Chef's busy work schedule, I have also taken on the role of "treasurer" in my local Moms Club as well as juggling our normal day to day activities, which have drastically increased with the warmer weather and our constant trips to the pool.

We hope you are all enjoying your summer and off to a great start as well!


A Target Run

The Chef family recently took a bike ride to Target. We were on the hunt for UV protection sunglasses for Ms. A. We found the UV Protection sunglasses we needed, but A decided she like another pair much better.

They are the goofiest looking flower sunglasses and sit on her face so funny. But, she loves them and wears them. At least they keep the sun out of her eyes.


Our Daily Walks

Toddlers have a TON of energy. Seriously, a ton! We go for daily walks around our neighborhood to try and burn off Ms. A's extra energy. However, lately our walks have turned into a nature hunt and we simply can't walk by one patch of dandylions without a few of them being picked.

Here's what the centerpiece on our kitchen table frequently looks like.


Always in Order

Ms. A has thrown more tantrums in the last two weeks than I could possibly even count. Looks like she's making up for lack of order and crazy attitude by putting some structure and organization into her playtime fun.

And yes, she did this all on her own.


Let It Rain

I can imagine this blog will be seeing a lot of Dancing Videos of Ms. A. These little girls are just too darn cute!


Tuks (Cookies)

Speech therapy is going well for Ms. A. We have weekly sessions with her therapist and she's slowly picking up on more and more words and learning to annunciate. One sound/letter we've struggled with is - C, K, or G.

Recently one of Ms. A's friends' mom brought her a back of cookies for an afternoon snack (thank you, S). Her face was priceless and she loved the cookies, or as she likes to say, "Tuks."


Memorial Day Celebration

We celebrated Memorial Day Weekend with friends. The kids had a blast and here's a picture to prove it!

The summer weather has finally hit here in California. It's been rather cold lately. What a better way to celebrate the holiday day weekend than with friends and a little water for the kids!