You Make The Call

There has been much debate our little Ms. A. Where does she get her looks? Who does she look like? Does she look like the Iron Chef or does she look like me, the Sous Chef?

You make the call!

Below is Ms. A's 2-year picture along with my 2-year-old picture and the Iron Chef's almost 2 and a little older than 2 years old photos.

It's hard to tell at first glance. If you look closely you can see certain similarities in facial features but I guess that's why most people say she looks like other members of our families. :)


A few more highlights from Ms. A's trip to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo with her Nana and Papa. This was our first trip to a Children's Zoo and they truly did a great job for children. I was amazed at how many kid friendly activities they had and how many animals Ms. A helped feed, groom or touch. Excellent day trip and she was thoroughly exhausted at the end.


Beauty Shop

One of Ms. A's favorite friends in California received a beauty shop for Christmas. Ms. A has always loved playing dress up, beauty shop and girly things with her friend. However, it wasn't until last week when she really had a taste of her own beauty shop.

Now, she loves to "paint toes" and visit Mimi's beauty shop all by herself. This has kept her busy for hours on end.


Oh My Messy

This girl loves her sweets! If I didn't limit her intake, I'm sure she'd turn into a sugar, sweetie pie. :)


Fun Cousin Time

Ms. A recently enjoyed a trip to Lake Huron and had a blast visiting all of her cousins (her second cousins, my first cousins). They played in the water, caught little fish, found frogs, walked on the beach, and had a blast!

She thanks everyone for taking great care of her and playing with her all day.

The lake was BEAUTIFUL this trip. The colors were fantastic and looked just like the Carribean.

The girls having fun on the dock with Mimi and Papa's cottage to the left.


Feeding the Giraffes

Feeding the giraffes at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. Ms. A had a blast and ended up feeding them about 5 times. The giraffes were so quick to grab the lettuce, but you can tell how much fun she's having.

Here's a video of one of her feeds.


Speech Update

Most of you know that Ms. A is attending weekly speech therapy sessions. They are doing wonders for her speech and we're finally able to communication on the 2-year-old level (close to it), which we should be doing. She still has a long way to come, but we're making strides. Our goals continue to have her use the final syllable of worlds or actually finish a word, and to rid her of the jibberish she still uses. One step at a time, I keep reminding myself.

I do, however, know that she understands and can communication much more than she actually does. How do I know this?

The other super hot hot hot day in California we had gone for a walk around the block. Upon returning, Ms. A was given a treat of a (watered down) juice box to replenish her fluids. Later on that day when her Daddy returned from work she asked him for a "juice box."

My reply, "A, you've already had one today."

Her response, "I want two!"

So yes, this is such a language accomplishment and we're proud of her. Our therapy sessions just increased from 30 minutes per week to one hour per week and I somehow managed to work my way into the "system" so the state of California is actually starting to pay for her therapy sessions beginning this month.


Breakfast Funnies

I made Ms. A a waffle this morning. Apparently it was not to her liking and not what she "envisioned" for the perfect breakfast this morning.

She took one look at her waffle, cut up into pieces, and replied, "Dog Poop."

HAHAHAHA. Oh my, leave it up to a toddler.


California Girl

Scenario: 100 plus degrees outside. The Chef family swimming in a private backyard pool. Mind you, the pool is 92 degrees, like bathwater. A little wind started to pick up. Remember, it's over 100 degrees outside.

Ms. A: Wind starts picking up. Ms. A starts chivering, becomes "cold" and needs a hot towel wrapped around her and wants to get out of the pool. These were serious cold shivers, teeth chattering shivers.

Me: Seriously? How on earth could a child be cold sitting in a pool as warm as bath water and outside in air that's 100 plus degrees?

My response: She's turning into a California girl ...


Donuts with Daddy

I was feeling very under the weather yesterday - sick in bed, the whole nine yards. Being the nice husband he is, the Iron Chef decided to take our littlest one on a bike ride around town. Their stops for the morning included - Lowe's for a few items, Redbox to pick up a free movie, and The Pink Box for donuts.

So yes, Ms. A was buzzed up on sugar from a pink box donut.

Here's the before shot (poor thing - her allergies have been driving her crazy (her big bags), her sleep has been so out of whack, etc)

Apparently she likes chocolate and sprinkles.