The Iron Chef

Cheers to the Iron Chef, for once again, making strides for our family. He was nominated and selected to be a part of the Leadership Development Program. It starts now. Life will be a crazy several months but will allow him to further advance his career going forward in the future.

Congrats to our favorite daddy!


Buns of Steel

Some people have to work hard for a look like this, others are born with it ... baby buns of steel.

And ... her diaper was almost falling off.


Trunk or Treat - Lincoln Moms and Kids Too

Yesterday was the Lincoln Moms and Kids Too annual "Trunk or Treat" event. A blast as usual. The kids loaded up on several non-sweet treats, pizza, and lots of fun. Miss A was Ariel from The Little Mermade and Little O, well, partly a pig. She screamed almost the entire beginning and then finally calmed down enough to stop crying. We decided to nix her costume. A happy baby was the better alternative.

Ariel ~ the beautiful mermaid. Miss A wanted REAL RED hair, not a wig. We opted for her own locks instead.

This is the "Chef Family" trunk all decorated for Halloween.


The "Chef" girls.

A sneak peak of the cutest pig on the block.


World Mission Month @ Granite Springs

Mission Month Flag Parades starring our very own Granite Kids! Miss A was "Canada" at church and had a parade throughout the aisles and then went on stage to say her flag name. Here she is ~ our little red/white star!


Pre-Halloween Treats

Look at this little squishie! Is she not the cutest! Little O, my favorite 8-month-old.

Thanks to a sewing' nana, this little lady has a few new accessories to her growing wardrobe.

And this hair? I'm in love! Check out the beautiful locks on this baby!


Just in Time for the Big Game - Go MSU!

Five Little Pumpkins Song

Miss A learned a new song at preschool this week.


Trouble with a Capital T

This picture explains it all. I'm in trouble.

She may have learned this from her big sister, not sure.

Today, while getting Miss A ready for bed, Little O decided to climb up the potty stool, prop herself up on the stool and head for the toilet. Wowzers! #1 she's fast and #2 she's a climber. Miss A was nothing like this at her age. Good thing we were right there otherwise I think Little O would have taken a bath in the toilet.


Climbing Climberson

Little O ... she's climbing up on everything. Pulling herself up on tables, toys, boxes, in the pantry, etc. She wants to stand and cruise along the couch or table or anything she is touching. She's on the move!!!

Every time I turn my back, she's climbing on something.

If you are wondering about her helmet, yes, she still wears it all day. It was raining like cats and dogs outside and I had to take it off so her poor little head, hair and helmet could dry out.

Here's a latest video of her new moves -


A Little Bit Of Paint

The Chef family recently had parts of our house repainted. We repainted the trim, shutters, door, etc. We added a few new extras such as a new doorknob, planters, and we're working on outdoor landscaping changes next.

Here's the before ...

And after ...

We eliminated the "peachy, fleshy" undertones in the trim color and added a bolder door color. I'm loving the new look. Much more rich looking with darker contrasting colors that better compliment the inside of our house.


Field Trip Day - Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday was Field Trip Day at Miss A's preschool. First of all, take a look at this picture.

Apparently it wasn't just our class that decided yesterday would be a good field trip day. I think most preschools decided it would be a great day to visit the pumpkin patch. Oy vei!

Alas, it was an absolute blast. Miss A enjoyed every minute. I'm glad I decided to keep the littlest O at home with a babysitter because it rained a little and was cold and damp. She would not have been a trooper!

A few fun pictures from our glamorous day at Bishop's Pumpkin Patch in Wheatland, CA.


Two Dancing Ariel Girls

Miss A had a friend over to play last week ... and they dressed up like Ariel most of the afternoon. They were complete girls and loved their fun. They had a tea party for lunch, played dolls upstairs, baked cookies, arts & crafts projects, watch a princess sing a-long dvd, laughed, and giggled, and danced around the house.

The only hard part about having this little girl over ... her name is 'O' as well. Makes things really difficult around the house with two little girls with the same name.


Playin' Around This Fall

The last few weeks have been crazy for the Chef Family. We are in full swing of school, dance classes, play dates, and "attempting" to keep the house clean.

Miss A tried a new dance class called "itty bitty hip hop" that has been held the last few weekends. She did such a great job and loved the moves, but I, personally, was not a fan of the Saturday morning dance class. I feel like it restricts our weekened fun and flexibility as a family.

One of our favorite things to do - backyard bbq's with friends. The kids are having a blast as usual!

As for little O, we've been attending a weekly baby playgroup. She's the "biggest" of the bunch by a long shot and constantly tries to pick on all the babies.

We love this time of the year! We're starting to pull out the long sleeve shirts and pants, as the mornings have been a bit chilly. Although a cold start, the weather has been in the 90's in the afternoon. Miss A even made a trip to a splash park with her friends this week (it's been THAT hot). We're ready for the cold weather to hit!