Home Depot Helper

Miss A attended her first Home Depot Kids Workshop a few weeks ago ~ and had an absolute blast. The hammer, hammer, hammer sound of about 50 kids making a spice rack probably could have sent any person running out the door, but not her sweet daddy. He let her do everything herself, even if the project didn't turn out perfectly.

She received an apron and several other goodies, too. But, this has no become her handy apron when she helps the Iron Chef with projects around the house.

Along with displaying her cute little orange apron, here's a sneak peak of her new big girl bedroom!!!


Potty Training

We're working on potty training! And, Miss A is doing SUCH A GREAT JOB (with the exception of BM's... but we're working on that). Here she is flashing a new pair of her big girl panties.


Happy Thanksgiving!

The Chef Family wants to wish everyone a healthy, happy Thanksgiving as you celebrate with family and friends.

Here's our little pilgrim with her hat from preschool. Cheesy smile or face turned away from the camera as always these days!


Twinkle Twinkle and Oh My Goodness!

Two year olds have pretty funny things to say. Miss A's "phrase" these days ... oh my goodness!

Miss A has also started singing tons of songs. Here's her version of Twinkle, Twinkle.

Too Much Sugar?

Have another donut, Miss A. Too much sugar yesterday ... yields this!


Funny A'ism

For little Miss A, her world has been turned upside down for a few weeks now. We went from a crib to a big girl bedroom and she was temporarily sleeping downstairs in the babies new room while her room was undergoing renovations. And now, we're venturing to the world of potty training.

Her famous words these days ---

"Mommy, are you so proud of me?" I will have to capture it on video because it's the cutest! Apparently I've been telling her how proud I am of her A LOT!



Drum Roll ... BIG GIRL BED!

And ... drum roll, please.

Miss A is finally in her big girl bed and doing incredibly well. She's been sleeping in her new, "big girl" room for about a week and half and I have no complaints.

She follows my rules and has yet to climb out of bed and explore the playroom or her bedroom while she's supposed to be napping or sleeping. My rule -- call for "mommy" when she's up and I will come and get her out of bed. So far so good (although I probably just jinxed myself).

She probably doesn't get out of bed because she went from her crib straight to a queen sized bed with box spring and needs a 2-step stool to get from the ground to her bed. It's a big world in her bed!

Pictures to come!


Watching Smarty

Miss A LOVES to cheer on the Michigan State basketball game and watch "Smarty" (aka Sparty the mascot) on television. Here she is enjoying some special time with the Iron Chef.


Tea for Two

A fancy tea party for Miss A was on the agenda yesterday. Pottery Barn Kids held a special tea party for the little princess' and we were able to join in. Miss A's friend invited her to this special event and we were glad we were able to attend. The girls had a blast!!!

This was her first "official" tea party event - baby dolls and all - and was surely a success. She woke up this morning and said, "yesterday tea party w/ Miss K." She had a blast indeed!


Playdough Crown

Miss A enjoying playdough and making herself a new crown.


Best Friends

Miss A will get a taste of what the real world is like next month. Her best bud is going to be moving and I know she'll greatly miss her! Here are a few pics I snapped the other day while they were playing at the park.

And, of course, as usual, none of them turned out!


Happy Halloween (again) from the Chef Family!

Miss A with her Mommy.

Our little giraffe.

Time for a little "trick or treating" with the Iron Chef. The big, pregnant cow stayed at home to pass out candy to all the little kids.

Miss A met up with a few of her neighborhood friends for Trick-or-Treating.

Needless to say, after walking around the neighborhood with her daddy, little Miss A was exhausted when she came home! She helped pass out candy to some of the kids and then went straight to bed. She did ask for a lollipop, but I promised her she'd get a sweet tomorrow.