Too Many Undies

I laughed so hard when Miss A walked out of her bedroom like this the other day....

Pictures don't do justice on how funny this actually looked. She had tons of little panties on and such a big bubble bottom.

Like Mommy, Like Little Girl

These girls love mimicking their beloved mommy.


My Two Little Ones

A little stretching on the floor. A little fun. A whole lot of love!


Bare'n It All

These shoes were made for walking ...

... And walkin' is what they'll do

This little girl is funny beyond measures! Please excuse the horrendous mess. :)

Newborn Clothes

To give you an idea how small Little S truly is ... Here's a set of newborn hats Little S received as a gift (thanks A and K). They will fit perfectly this fall because, yes, they are a tad big right now.

I had to chuckle when I saw how big they were on her because I thought they were going to fit perfectly.


A Few Pictures

Just a few pictures. It's been a busy few days!


My Three Favorites

A picture truly is worth a thousand words. My three babes. My three favorites (and the iron chef is a favorite too).


Photo Shoot for the Little Girls

I love family photo sessions. Little S had her first photography session today. All went well. I'm patiently awaiting the pics now.


Big Sister Love

I just love these girls and can't get enough of them. It's a little crazy around our house, I'm not going to lie, but we are all well. Lots of tired eyes, but lots of smiles, goggles, and coos.


Shoe vs Sophia

Little S still wins, but not by much. Men's size 11.5 to show the size of Little S.


Itty Bitty Peanut

Little S weighed in today at a whopping 5 lbs 3 oz at her 3-day checkup with her pediatrician. Her she is waiting for the dr.


Family Photo Take Two

I didn't realize the first photo was blurry. Take two.

Mommy of Three

Here I am right after delivering. Proud mommy with baby no name (since we hadn't decided on name at that point).

Family Pictures

Love these girls! A few snapshots from the girls' trips to meet their new baby sister.

My favorite quote came from Miss A. The hospital gave her a big sister pin to wear. We made her take it off when she held her sister. All of a sudden, panicked, while holding little S, she said, "I'm still a big sister even if I don't have my pin on, right?"

So sweet. Love these girls! The crew is headed home from hospital today after doctor gives permission and we finish paperwork. Homeward bound after two nights in hospital.

Skinny Little Thing

She's a skinny little thing. There's definitely not much chubby baby fat on those legs yet. She stretched her legs out and I had yo snap a picture.

She's Here!

Sophia Marie. 5 lbs 13 oz 19.5 in. Born 8/7/12. Life was a little crazy on the 7th. The scenario? The iron chef was out of town in Dallas on a business trip. Contractions and a little bleeding woke me up frantically in the morning. Of course the one scenario we didn't want to happen, happens. I go into labor when he's traveling. Having justices to a new town, we still havnt met many friends. So what does a pregnant lady in labor so when she's home alone with the kiddos? Haul them to the hospital with her of course. I'm pretty sure I was quite the sight to see when I walked into labor with two kids in tow. A family friend from Denver rushed down to pueblo and rescued the girls. A huge lifesaver to us all- we couldn't have done it without you mr j. The iron chef made it to the hospital with about two hours to spare before the baby was born . There definitely wasn't much wiggle room because little S came incredibly fast.

Our third bundle is the tiniest of the bunch and her two sisters just cannot get enough of her.

I was diagnosed with group b strep during pregnancy and was unable to to get all doses of antibiotics during labor so we are staying two nights in hospital and will be discharged tomorrow. Little s dropped down to 5 lbs 5 oz and is definitely tiny! She has a little heart murmur that they are watching and loves to sleep! Let's hope she keeps that up because I will need fill energy with a house of kiddos.

A horrible picture of myself, but our first true family picture together. All the loves of my life.


She is Too Fast for the Camera!

Always on the move. That's the best way to put it..... ALWAYS on the move. She makes me tired just watching her!

Princess Camp

Miss A went to princess camp this week and had a blast. Two quick pictures.