Little Golfing Girl

The Chef family has been dealing with what seems like World War Three at bedtime with Miss A. Back to the sticker chart for rewards and, boom, bedtime is 100% better. We still have room for improvement but our evenings are much more enjoyable now.

As her first reward from the stickers chart, A earned herself a round of golf with daddy.


Pony Ride

Miss A's first ride on a pony. We just love the Colorado Springs Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Every time we are in town we make a trip to the zoo. This time - pony rides!

35 Weeks - Pregnant Belly

This picture says it all. My belly, my prego belly. 35 weeks, almost 36. Let the countdown begin!

Love This Girl!

My oldest, Miss A, definitely has a little nerdy side about her and I love it!

This picture defines her neediness at best. Top off (she spilled and didn't want to be dirty) and doing the dishes. But, the most classic of all? The high waisted pants. She pulls up her pants, undies, you name it, just about as high as they will go. Makes me giggle inside every time she does it. Love this girl!


Sangrio de Cristo Children's Museum

The Chef family has had a bout of sickness zip through our house. Not fun! To take a break and get out of the house after being cooped up with the girls, we tried out our local children's museum.

I was more than pleasantly surprised with the lexhibits and overall museum. In fact, I purchased a membership for our family before leaving. The childrens museum is part of our local art museum so the focus is primarily on the arts, play, and creative side. Miss A loved everything and Little O just enjoyed running around the museum. Miss A's favorite activity included the craft areas and Little O enjoyed Snow White's cottage for pretend play.

A Birthday Party for Barbie

Nothing beats a hot afternoon like a birthday party for Barbie, right? To celebrate my mom visiting and a special birthday - sister Stacie - we decided to bake a gf devils food cake with homemade frosting. Delicious!

Miss A had a blast helping make the cake, adding candles (the Barbie doll turned 12), and eating the dessert. Although the cake is the best part, Miss A only eats the frosting and Little O cannot seem to shovel the sweet treats fast enough.


Baby Giraffe Cuteness

Another fun trip to the zoo. Thank goodness we decided to become members because we've been enjoying our time at the Cheyenne mountain zoo in Colorado Springs.

A favorite from our recent visit? The 5 day old baby giraffe.


A Little Fun In The Sun

Sprinkler time! The Chef family little girls had some extra energy to burn off today, so it was time for some fun in the sun. Sprinklers!

Little O loved the mini pool and sprinklers more than I imagined. It was actually her first time playing with the sprinklers. As for Miss A, she was a pro and ran through several times. Or was definitely a hot day but the water from the faucet was cold!


It's 7-11- update

It's 7-11, guess what we did? Went to 7-11 of course. The store was conveniently located next to our bank so we thought we would celebrate the end of our errands with a free, cool drink. A first for Miss A and she loved it.

Update: miss a's response when she told the iron chef that we had a snack in the afternoon, "daddy, I had a treat today. It was candy you drank." needless to say we don't get sugary snacks like that on a regular basis.


1st Haircut

Little O finally had her first haircut. We ventured up to Colorado Springs for her pediatric gastroenterologist appointment and decided to try a children's salon for her first trim.

A little trim to even up her ends and she was good to go. I am pretty sure she cried the whole time. Then the lady tried to bribe her with a sucker (she has never had one nor would I let her at this age) and I had to tell the stylist a polite no thank you because of her gluten allergies. Of course that sent O crying even more! Alas, first haircut down and her hair looks so much better. It's still a crazy mess and I am usually clueless on how to style it. That, and she has been putting empty bowls ( after she finishes eating what was inside) on top of her head and saying "hat" and then her hair is a sloppy, wet , food filled mess.

Here she is - 1st haircut.


A BIG Thanks

Little packages are always fun for anyone to open in the mail, especially little girls. A huge thanks to Miss A's friend, K, for the prizes. Miss A picked out a new favorite to add to her new mermaid themed room.


Cereal Break

Chex cereal is a new staple in our house. Giving up certain breakfast has probably been one of the biggest adjustments in our gf diet. The girls love it as a gluten free cereal and it comes in a few fun varieties for fun snacks in lieu of other snacks such as goldfish crackers or Annie's snacks.

Little O likes to eat it right out of the bag.