Pumpkin Carving Night

Oh what a night. Little O can't keep her hands out of the goopy pumpkin mess and Miss A doesn't want a thing to do with it. She would rather focus on what type of face to carve.


Our First SNOW!!!

Miss A and Little O playing in the snow!



This picture sums it all up! This girl is trouble ...


The Three Little Piggies

Okay, not costumes, just my little piggies. Three of my favorites!!


Pumpkin Patch

Our annual trip to a pumpkin patch. Loads of fun and two pumpkins later. And I would like to add, Miss A dressed herself. My little fashionista!


The Littlest Sister

Little S had her two month well check today. She is two months old and one week. She topped the charts at 11 pounds and finally has earned herself a pair of chubby cheeks and a few rolls around her legs.

Four-year-olds are Funny

Scenario: unpacking our suitcases and bags from our trip, I find a handful of coins ( money) at the bottom.

Me: hey, miss A

A: yes mommy

Me: I found some money in the suitcase. Do you want it for your piggy bank?

A: um ... ( thinking)... No thanks mom. My piggy bank is already pretty full.

Me: okay. :)

I think I need to pocket and treasure this moment when my kids don't want money yet. And, the size of her bank? It fits in the palm of my hand.


Our Latest Family Picture

We are on a family vacation, sans the Iron Chef. Here's our latest family picture from a wedding in Kansas City.