Electric Safari at the Zoo

We visited the zoo at night for a fun tour of lights. Even the new elephant barn was open for viewing!

Christmas Crafts

We have been doing Xmas crafts almost everyday. Miss A lives things like this right now!

Bathing Beauty

Our sweet S! Love her!


Winter Winderland

Another snowy day for Colorado!


Roller Skating Birthday Party

I had a date day with Miss A. Swim lessons at the YMCA followed by a birthday party at the roller rink. I'm pretty sure I haven't been skating since I was a little girl. I was a little wobbly!

Miss A loved it!! We rented a little walker for her to bring on the rink. It was her very first time on roller skates. For a visual, in the beginning, she was walking in skates and using the "helper" bar and walking like a 90 year old grandma. Towards the end she definitely had the hang of it and was doing great!



When I was a child, my dad would strategically shovel and use the snow plow (during the long winter months) in a certain way to ensure a nice sledding hill formed in our yard. My brother, sister and I had much fun sledding down this hill. I tried to recreate this same thing for my girls today.

What fun we had!!!! I shoveled our driveway and formed a "hill" for the girls to sled down. Miss A had a blast. Little O wasn't so sure. And, Sweet S slept the entire time.

Helmets optional. Haha. I had to laugh when Miss A put her helmet on to go sledding. We are ALL GIRL here at our house. Wow! Rough and tough not so much! Pretty in pink with bows and pearls. :)


Long Hair

I'm growing my hair out long. It's been forever since I've had long hair so I thought I would give it a whirl!


Happy Birthday, Papa P.

Happy birthday to you! Sometimes we make it here to wish special family members a special day. Papa P we wish you a great day. Can you tell we are thrilled?


Soundly Sleeping

Love my girls when they are asleep. So peaceful. I love them when they are awake too but there's just something about a sleeping babe. And, check out Little O's eyelashes... They are amazing!

Three Girls

Miss A - very into "fashion" not only for herself, but for the characters in her coloring book.

Little O - always making a mess!

Littlest S - just always going with the flow.


Halloween Party at Preschool

Miss A's Halloween party at the YMCA was an incredibly awesome experience. All of the kids dressed up and they went trick-or-treating throughout the YMCA. They visited the library, the administration offices, the pool, the lifeguards, the fitness area, and the final trick-or-treating area was in the gymnasium. The final destination included games to get additional candy and prizes and then a bounce house for one last hoorah.

After much debate and decisions, Miss A dressed up as a pet vet, a veterinarian. She had such a hard time deciding this year.

Thank goodness her sickness did not arrive until after the YMCA party She is definitely still sad that she missed out on trick-or-treating because our family came down with a stomach bug. I guess there's always next year.

As a note, the pet veterinarian costume came about from the Disney Junior show Doc McStuffins. Miss A loves that show!