Playing in our new Yard

The girls running and running and running.


Last Day of Preschool

Miss A had her last day of preschool today! It was her last day of preschool, a birthday party, and butterfly release day! Busy day!


Swimming Lessons

Miss A was promoted to "wearing a swim cap" in swim lessons.

Box Kid

What do you do with an army crawling baby while organizing for a move? Put her in a box, of course! Confinement at its best!

Rainbows and Sunny Days

Miss A is becoming quite a painter and little artist. Here's a picture of her latest artwork.

Eight Month Photos

Toothless, army crawling right month old.

Little O's Bedroom Inspiration

Little O loves dancing and loves ballerinas. Seriously, she will dance the day away twirling and lesling around the house. This print was an immediate purchase and will be the inspiration for her new bedroom in the new house.


Tired Girl

This little two year old was tired! Messy face, dirty hands didn't even get washed from outside (thankfully dirt is gluten free), shoes in, and asleep on the couch. It's her first time completely falling asleep not in her bed or car. We are in the process of going to be transitioning to a big girl bed snd this is a good sign. And I caught her sucking on her bottom lip? I've never seen her do that, hoping its not something new.



A bit late to post, but 7 months already! This little girl is wiggling all over the place she can turn, pivot and wiggle her way around and get just about anything. She loves her baby Einstein jumper and laughing with her sisters.

Happy Easter

A random assortment of pictures from Easter festivities. Easter egg hunts and family fun. Happy Easter to all.