Rolling Over Queen

Our little rolling over queen! She wiggles and moves all over the place now. It's hard to turn your head from Little O ~ she moves half way across the room by the time I turn back around.

Somehow I just couldn't get a good picture of the girls today. At least the video turned out. Neither one would look at the camera.


These Boots are Made for Walkin'

... and walkin's what they'll do! I laughed so hard when I saw Miss A walking down the hallway in these boots. I made her put them back on so I could snap a few pictures. Too funny!!!


Yittle Girl and her "Doughnuts"

We are working on her letter sounds, especially the "L." This video just makes me laugh because she uses her imagination all day. She loves people to play "Yittle Girl" with her.

As for the cereal, yes, it's Multigrain Cheerios. She calls it her little doughnut cereal. Apparently the cereal is so good, even Barbie and the "yittle girl" like to eat it for breakfast.



Our Little Muffin Cup

Little O will turn 4 months on June 1. Crazy how time flies. She is starting to get a little personality and we L-O-V-E, it! She's also getting quite a bit of 'chub' on her legs.

As for her schedule, she's totally out of whack and it's driving me nuts! I was a nazi w/ routines and schedules for Miss A, but nothing seems to work for a routine for Little O. She has a mind of her own. We love her nonetheless.

Here are a few videos to prove it!

She has rolled over several times now (front to back), but I can't seem to get it on video. With a little help she can roll over back to front, although we're still working on this one. She wiggles and moves all over the place.

Here's Little O, gibbering and talking like a "peacock" as we call it. Whether she's mad or happy, it usually sounds like some type of cute animal.


Upward Side Down

Upside down and backwards. However, to Miss A, it's upward side down. These pictures prove just that. Sisters. And, Miss A cannot seem to get enough of her sister. She loves her to pieces.


Tucked into Her Undies

Although Miss A has been potty trained for awhile, sometimes, I just giggle and laugh when she returns from the bathroom. Sometimes it's a skirt, other times a shirt. Yes, they are tucked into her little undies.

So funny, so innocent. And, honestly, she doesn't care one bit.


MOPS Kids Project

Our last MOPS meeting at church was held last week. So sad, I love this group of women.

Miss A had a blast during her last MOPPETs of the year as well. The kids made strawberry ice cream, told stories, worked on coloring skills, and painted a bird feeder.

Upon our arrival back home, we immediately went outside to place the bird feeder and bird seed.

What a great idea for kids!


Letter Sounds

Since I pulled Miss A out of preschool (due to illness), I've been working on "school" at home here. It has been a challenge to juggle Little O and Miss A ... and work on school things, but we've been working. Slowly, but surely.


Matchy, Matchy

Most days, Miss A asks, "Can I match my sister?" Thankfully many people have purchased matching or coordinating outfits for the girls because she LOVES it! I'm not sure how long this phase will last, but for now, it's mostly matchy, matchy in our house.


No Napping Napper

Naps are few and far between for Miss A these days. Usually her "nap" consists more of a rest with a huge stack of books. She quietly reads her books, rests on her bed, and then is ready to play! Tons of energy she has these days.

Except, she has been falling asleep on the couch. She literally crashes. All the time. She needs a nap, but won't sleep. It's a catch 22.

And when I say crash, I mean crash. She usually ends up falling asleep in the most uncomfortable looking positions.


Our Trip Back to the Midwest

A complete mess of pictures, but I have a few minutes while both girls are napping so I decided on a quick blog post.

Our trip back to the midwest was a success! My first time flying solo with both girls and somehow, I managed. I'm sure it was laughable to see my help Miss A on the toilet in the airplane. Imagine, Olivia in baby bjorn or sling. Me holding Miss A so she didn't have to touch anything on the airplane potty. All in a cramped space. Somehow, I made it. The bathroom events were probably the most challenging. Otherwise, we lived by our Sony 7-hour battery life DVD player and life was grand.

We (the Chef girls) made the trip back to the midwest because I was throwing a bridal shower for my soon to be sister-in-law, which was a success. Over 30 people at my parents house, more than I could have ever imagined, but it was great to see family and friends. Many of them meeting Little O for the first time.

We managed to do a few fun things while in Michigan, but a nasty cold/flu bug caught the best of us. My mom and I took turns holding Little O a few nights because she was so congested and could not sleep.

Along with Michigan, we made a special trip to Chicago. I saw a few friends, we went to the Shedd Aquarium, the Lincoln Park Zoo, a special cupcake place, and Aunt J took Miss A on a special park play date. It was a blast in the city. Miss A couldn't believe that "people live in tall buildings." And she laughed when she found out that her auntie lived in one of them. Our hopes were to take a trip to Michigan Avenue for some shopping, including the American Girl store, but the city was too overwhelming that we stopped at the aqaurium and headed back to Lincoln Park for a quieter setting. Much more peaceful.

A few hodgepodge pictures from our week long excursion.


Our Poor Tree

The wind apparently kicked into full swing this week and decided to knock down part of our tree that shades our play area. Bummer! Looks like we'll be chopping it down because I honestly don't think it will make it.


Our Easter Celebration - Pictures a Few Weeks Late

Our Easter weekend was full of fun. An Easter egg hunt at church, and nice relaxing weekend of family time! We enjoyed every minute of our time together as a family.

The Easter egg hunt at church was fabulous because instead of having candy directly filled in the eggs, the kids gathered eggs and "turned the eggs in" for a special treat bag at the end. Makes for easy candy filtering so kids don't eat too much junk.

Me, the sous chef, with my two girls.

A few pictures of the girls on Easter. A horrible pictures of Olivia, but I realized I didn't snap any pictures of the girls or our family together dressed and ready for church. Next year, right?

The Easter Bunny filled goodies for the girls and they enjoyed their treats.

Here's a video of Miss A indulging in a special treat...

... and here's the aftermath. She ran to/from the park at full speed, hopping and running all the way. Just shy of a mile. She's going to be a runner for sure! She definitely burned off some of her sugar.

So yes, we had an enjoyable Easter.


Butterfly Gardens

During our recent travels back to the midwest, we ventured to Frederick Meyer Gardens and Sculpture Garden in Grand Rapids, MI. A beautiful facility ... only my camera battery died right when we arrived. I did manage to snap a few pictures in the butterfly exhibit before I wasn't able to take any more pictures.

Miss A was adorable in the gardens, pretending she was the "Mommy Butterfly" with her own set of wings. She thought the butterflies were following her around because she was the mommy and all the little butterflies were her babies.

Little O, on the otherhand, hated the butterflies gardens because she was sweating up a storm. It was a little humid to her liking and her clothes were sticking to her skin.


Little O Playing

Little O going crazy with her activity mat toys. She LOVES that little activity mat. She shakes her legs and kicks and moves around just like a little wiggle worm.


Happy Mom's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts on earth. I thank God for my two sweet girls every day.


3-months and 3-years

First of all, we're back from our vacation. Phew! More details on our trip and updated pictures soon.

Little O turned 3-months old and we had Miss A's 3-year well child check.

As can be seen, Little O is a chunk! Chunk-O Monk-O for her! We wouldn't change a thing!

And Miss A ... well, not so much (for the chunk). She nows weights 30.4 (which is actually up about 1 lb from when she was sick) and is 35.75 inches tall. Her weight is in the 38th percentile and he height in the 31st percentile for kids her age.