Frilly Girly Things

Get ready for some fun! Miss A and Miss O have received several cute outfits and gifts throughout the previous weeks. We'll definitely have fun taking photo shoots throughout the next few months.

Here's a sneak peak of one of our packages - how fun - how girly!!!


Sisterly Love

Last night while reading books in Miss A's large queen bed, with Miss O in my arms. Miss A looked up at me and said, "Mom, I love having a baby in the house."

My response: "Me too. I love you, sweet pea!"

How sweet .... and it's the truth. She truly loves having a little sister. She wakes up in the morning and wants to hold her, love her and play with her little sister.


Blink ... So Blessed

I couldn't be in a happier point in my life. A wonderful husband who works hard every single day for our family. Two beautiful girls. And being able to be home with them every single day. Life definitely goes by like a blink. I love this song and it reminds me how special my time is with my two girls, my husband, my family and friends.

With two in tow, I'm sure my blogs will be far and few between. I'm spending time enjoying these moments in life before they slip away.

If you haven't heard this song, it's amazing. Blink, by Revive.

Sleepy Stretchy Baby

Nothing beats a fresh little one. The noises, the stretches and the oh-so-cute cuddles.

Big Sister

Miss A loves being a "bug sista" as she says ...


Napa Valley

With all of our family in town the next few weeks, we are trying to fit in a few family friendly adventures for entertainment. One of them - Napa Valley. Miss A's fourth time (maybe more) to Napa for wine tours and Miss O's first trip to wine country.


Opened Eyes Photo

We are finally starting to see Miss O's eyes. She's actually had a few stretches of awake time in the last few days! Here she is - black hair and dark brown eyes - our littlest sweetie.


The weather has been amazing so we've been enjoying some time outside. One of Miss O's first outings.


Happy 1-Day Late Valentine's Day!

Looks like everything is going to be a little delayed for awhile until I get into a schedule. :)

Happy 1-Day Late Valentine's Day from my two sweeties!


Newborn Photo Session

Here she is... a few pictures from Miss O's newborn photo shoot yesterday. She celebrated her 1 week birthday with photos and snuggle time in cocoon blankets. Thanks to Moments To Remember photography studio we had an awesome photo shoot.


My Favorite Things

Our growing family makes me smile. This picture makes me smile even more. Leaving the hospital (on a warm 63 degree California day) with my three sweeties. Looking at Miss O and Miss A and watching my loving husband with his girls just makes me fall in love with him all over again.

Olivia Overload

Everyone's been asking, so here they are. A few pictures of our latest bundle of joy. Enjoy.

The sweet smell of a new baby.

Our little watermelon seed.

Yes her hair is as long as you can imagine.

I may have a head full of hair and chunky little cheeks, but I'm still a 'little' tiny like a newborn. Pictures just don't make it seem that way.

The iron chef and the sous chef looking as 'fabulous' as ever and the two sisters in their matching jammies from their great grandma.

Little girl accessories are just too cute!

Miss A getting a sneak peak of her little sister.

Our first family picture.


She's Here!!!

Olivia Anne was born 2/1/2011 at 11:23 am weighing 7 lbs 10 oz and 20 in long. We are all feeling incredibly blessed as we start our family of four together.