A little behind on posting this ... Little O is getting ready to celebrate her birthday. No party for this little chicka this year. We're keeping things low key, with just our little family and a few friends over for dinner, but will definitely let her indulge in a cupcake.

She's also, WALKING! Big step for her this month.


It's a CRAZY Life

Life has been a little crazy for the Chef family lately. No updates, crazy schedules, crazy life. Just plain busy and lots of things going on. We are still alive and doing well. Rain finally hit our area and it's wonderful. We had visitors for a week and now we're finally getting back to normal. Updates soon. I promise.


Mandarin Farm Field Trip

Being the co-president of the Moms Club this year, I've had the opportunity to plan many fun field trips for the kiddos. During Christmas break, I planned a trip to a local mandarin farm in our town. The group was rather small, due to the timing and during the holiday break, but the kiddos had a blast!

They ran around the farm, picked goodies from the organic garden, and helped sort the mandarins into little sleeves. The best part - a sleeve of mandarins to take home. So fun!


A Little Belated Christmas Celebration

Although Christmas seems so very long ago, I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of the big celebration. The girls had a blast! Santa was so 'real' this year for Miss A and Little O just loved the paper and trying to steal the new toys and prizes Miss A received from friends and family.

A few pictures to capture our day.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! Still catching up on Christmas holiday posts, so here's one to enjoy for the new year. I attempted a movie night the other day with the girls in the afternoon so I could get a few things cleaned up around the kitchen. Miss A could sit all day in front of a tv if I let her, Little O ... not so much. I gave her a huge bowl of cheerios (big sized for her) and she just loved it! Then her big sister became more interesting and we were done.

They have been playing so well with eachother these days, makes life so much easier!