Fancy Fishing

Walking to the pond and on a mission with her fancy pole.

To catch a fish! All fancy 3-year-olds catch fish when they go fishing.

Thanks for the fun, Papa N.

And a fancy video to show off Miss A's skills.


Messin' Around

I need to empty out our flour bin and dispose of the flour inside of it ... so I thought, "Hmmm, Miss A, do you want to get messy? Want to play with flour?"

So super messy. Flour was everywhere. But, she had fun. That was the point. And loved it!


It's NOT a bikini

It's a Kini! Miss A loves wearing a "kini" and I think the world is absolutely adorable!

As usual, we've been busy. Our days consist of playdates and pool times and fun at the park. We've been loving our summer.


Photo Session with Bitty Baby

This was a photo session set up by Miss A. We were flipping through the American Girl magazine the other day during breakfast and she said, "Wait one minute!" She came back downstairs, dressed like her bitty baby, and wanted a photo shoot (sorry for the "morning" crazy hair).


Swimming, swimming

Warning: Video overload. This is for the grandparents. :)

As Miss A sings, "Swimming, swimming, in the swimming hole. When days are hot and days are cold, in the swimming hole. Backstroke, sidestroke, fancy diving toooooooooo, Wouldn’t you wish you never had anything else to do BUT (repeat song over and over again).

And, that's exactly what Miss A has been doing. Swimming, swimming, repeat and repeat some more.

She has been taking swim lessons this summer and has been enjoying every minute. We have had our fair share of tears, but she's doing well and learning some instructional safety tips on swimming.

This is my favorite video thus far (however I said, "on your marks, get set go ... instead of mark. It's driving me crazy).

I actually thought she was getting the rings herself, but I guess she still needs a little help from her swim instructor. I'm still proud of her!

And after swim lessons today, she was ready to go. She started singing/cheering, "Let's Go, let's go, L-E-T-S-G-O!" She's a future cheerleader, or so she says. I guess she's in training. She thinks she's going to cheer for the Indianapolis Colts some day.

Our Littlest Of the Little Chef Family Members

Another mascot for our favorite family blog. Thanks, M, for this fabulous shirt!


Tis Wedding Season Again

One of my great friends from college recently got married. I love weddings. Everyone always looks so nice. The atmosphere is wonderful. And the celebration between two special people is even better. Makes me relive my own special wedding day (7 years this summer).

I didn't end up taking too many photos of the actual ceremony or even the bride (oops). It was a beautiful reception at the Cincinnati Art Museum and several of my college friends were in attendance. What more can you ask for?

The bevy of beauties with Tommy-B, father-of-the-bride.

I'd say we couldn't have been more color coordinating ~ with everyone's dress complimenting eachothers. It definitely turned out to be a fabulous picture!

Wow, I miss these Miami girls so much! Everytime I see them, I wish we lived closer so we could hang out and play with our little Miami babies together. It's amazing how so many have still remained friends ... and now our little babies will get to know and meet eachother. I miss you girls already!


The Chef That Makes IT All Happen

Yes, that's him. The amazing Iron Chef, the man that makes it all happen for the Chef Family.

And, that amazing reason why life has happened the way it has for us. These trains ...

In the rollercoaster ride called life, there are many twists and turns along the way. Our family has moved, we've explored, we've seen parts of the country we never thought we'd visit, and we've been blessed.

The Iron Chef received another promotion. He's now a director. A career goal for him and a promotion that doesn't require a move for us. As I said, we're incredibly blessed for yet another opportunity for the Iron Chef to further his career.

As for me, I'm just along for the ride! And here to take care of our 2 precious babies.


Why I Have Girls

Too funny not to post.

This is truly why God gave me girls.

The picture below explains it all.

While on vacation, Miss A held up a toy gun that was in the Barbie bin. The gun must have been my brothers from when I was younger. Being a girl and not having anything like this in our house, she held it up (so matter-of-factly) and tried to shoot the gun the "correct" way. She held it backwards, upside down, etc and then made a little pop nose with her mouth. It was priceless! Truly why we are the house of girly girl and that's about it!

Love These Little Chef Girls

We are finally back from our 3 week stint of vacation back to the midwest. Pictures to come. Life has been crazy, but, nonetheless, I love these little chef girls. They make me laugh every.single.day. Over and over.

The pool fun we've had.

The bathing beauties I've seen.

And the silly things...

... Miss A makes me do.


Tired ... and Still Going

It's been a crazy couple of weeks for the Chef family ... and we are still going strong.

The Chef family has traveled here and there and slept just about everywhere. These little girls are tuckered out.

Yes, gross. That's an airport floor. The airline made me check my stroller - not easy with a 2.5 hr layover. Thus, the girls played and Little O fell asleep on the floor. Miss A played with her Polly Pocket's while her little sister snoozed in slumber.

Dark Hair and That Baby Face

Dark, black hair doesn't just run in the Iron Chef's side of the family. It does for the sous chef's family, too.

Dark, black hair.

Here's a picture of my grandma (my dads side) when she was younger. Little O resembles her with her eyebrows, round face and dark hair.

Children are amazing ... they unfold history and make families dig out old pictures of their ancestors to compare similarities and differences.