Fire Station Field Trip

Girl Scout field trip to the local fire station. The girls had a blast!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our favorite iron chef. We love you!

My Little Pudding Pie

She has to work hard for her pudding! Sooooo messy. 

Snow Day!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 


Fall Fun, again

More fun in the yard. We are loving the fall weather in our yard. No humidity, no heat, just FUN!!!

Sick Kiddo

It's no fun being sick. We are on day 2 of movie watching and laying low. The stomach bug caught the worst of Miss O.



Pumpkin Patch

A fun family weekend. We picked out family pumpkin, the girls rode horses (mini pony ride), they played, and we had fun!


Playing Princesd


Love this girl :)


Soccer Star or Flower Picker of the Field?

Miss A's quote of the day during soccer:

I asked her what her favorite thing was today - goalie or playing in the game. A said' "Let me think. Hmmmm. Drink breaks and sitting out."

I think we might need to stick to another sport, lol. At least she's having fun. 



Love this sweet girl :) 


The Big Arch

Driving back from a trip to Michigan, the arch was beautiful. A perfect entrance to the almost end of a long, construction delayed return trip. 


Sweet S Walking

Finally, she's walking! Still prefers crawling, but she's doing great!

Giggles and Laughs for A Mom of Three: The Mall

Heading to the mall with three in tow was far from glamorous this weekend. Ha. Two playing iPad and itouch and the third screaming. After a horrible dressing room experience (yes, the stroller came with me), I ended up purchasing a handful of dresses for upcoming events. Being a mom of three is sometimes, lots of times, tough! Phew! 


A Quick MI Beach Stop

Love Pere Marquette Beach in my hometown. A beautiful spot.  


Little O

This girl is every bit of two. Sometimes sweet, sometimes not so much. 

My Laundry Helper

This one year old loves helping with laundry :)