Late Night Outside Play

We finally had an evening warm enough to play outside for a little bit last week, it was nice for the girls to get some much needed fresh air. 

We had shows and free entertainment t on the front door steps. 

Sick Kiddo

Our poor S has been a sick little one this week. Cough, congestion, snotty, shortness of breath, pre bronchitis wheezing. Two Dr visits and an albuterol inhaler and we are still healing. Not a fun week!



Here at the Chef House, we are organizing, purging, donating, and making our house orderly. Life never really organized itself after our move. With the new year, it's time. One step, one closet at a time. 



Still a few items needing organized in the closet. But, much better! Art supplies are organized and labeled and everything has a place where it belongs. 

Now, onto the next area. 


Snow Days!

We are on snow day #4. Yes, even a 5,000 sq ft house gets old after being cooped up for days. "Yes, little S, I know. I'm ready for school to start back up again, too!"