Looooong Hair

Hair bows are finally in the works! Hehe. Little S has such little amount of hair compared to her sister, O.

We love American Girl Dolls!

Thanks to a sewing nana, another fun outfit for the girls. This time, pajamas to match Caroline, Miss A's sweet AG doll.

My Beret Baby

Waiting in preschool and taking self pictures!


Happy 2nd Birthday Little O!

We had a belle birthday for Ms. O and she lived every bit of princess birthday. She received a fun play kitchen as a gift and has been thoroughly enjoying the play time with it.

A Walk at the Pond

Love these girls! Hate those geese. The girls had fun. That's all that matters.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentines Day from the three little love bugs. Our "sweet" photo shoot went over like a lead balloon. At least they are still sweet looking. :)



Our favorite place! The new theme is circus! So much fun as always.