Happy Dad's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, especially a few of our favorites. I heard about a funny Hallmark card that was circulating for Father's Day this year. I actually like of liked.

It read, "Dad, you're like my credit cards...I'll never be able to pay you back!"

Thanks to all the dads out there. And to a special daddy to Miss A and Little O - our world wouldn't be the same without you. Thanks for being you! I have two little girls that are incredibly blessed to have you to call as their daddy.

Our Trip to Yosemite

Beautiful, breathtaking, absolutely amazing. Literally. The views of the park were unbelievable, every step of the way. Everywhere we would look, it was another beautiful sight. The park was soooooooo super busy, but we're glad we made the trek.

This was probably one of my biggest views all week. The iron chef, aka, Mr. Photog of the weekend.

Swimming Like a Fish

Miss A has started swimming lessons. She's doing a great job, despite MANY tears. She hates getting her face wet and going underwater was a challenge to her. But, she's doing well and loving it!

We signed up for semi-private lessons, but they've turned into private lessons most of the time. Definitely the way to go so she gets the extra attention. Thirty minutes of swim lessons completely wear her out.



Are we going to have a curly, black haired beauty?


We R Busy

We are busy, very busy.

We've had summer camps.

Birthday celebrations.

Dinner parties w/ friends and kids.

Fun times at Chuck E Cheese.

Birds peaking through our transom windows (this was absolutely hilarious; Miss A and I couldn't stop laughing, we had to take a picture).

Cereal eating

And picnic going

We are just busy. Getting ready for more fun summer posts from the Chef family. It is going to be one crazy summer.


Pretty in Pink

My little sweetie, just growing up so quickly. Here's a quick photo from one of my many pool days.

We are at the pool almost daily because of Miss A's swim lessons. Little O is such a trooper, too! She sits and plays on the ground and splashes in the water.


The Volunteering Spirit

A few weeks ago our town held Relay for Life. I was a participant, as was Ms. A. What a great way to teach her about charity and giving by directing having her walk a few laps around the track with me. She absolutely loved it!

Lincoln's Relay for Life raised a little shy of $100,000 this year. I'd say our city did a great job fighting for cancer.


It's My Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me! The big '29' this year! I think I'll make it and survive my last year before the big 3-0.

My birthday celebration began last weekend and ended this evening with a large slice of carrot cake, which we all shared and enjoyed.

Happy Birthday, to me.

Let's hope all my wishes come true.


Princess Hopscotch

Miss A decided she wanted to play "princess hopscotch" in the kitchen with her princess coloring sheets. What this equation meant to me? A big huge mess. But, she had fun and played her own version of hopscotch. It kept her entertained while I was able to get dinner ready.


4-months Old

Miss O turned 4-months this week. Her doctor appointment went well. Healthy, immunizations, and right on track.

Her stats:

15 pounds 10 ounces (88th percentile)
25 inches (79th percentile)

She's our little "Mongo" as the Iron Chef says.

Can you see the many rolls on her arms. The chub is oh-so-adorable!