House for Sale

Our house is finally listed for sale. Reality is sinking in. Colorado here we come. Here's the link to our cozy little house, which I will dearly miss.


Family Fun in Jamaica

I'm slooooooowly getting a few more pictures posted from our recent adventures. Here's one of our family pictures from our most recent vacation to Jamaica. Such a fun vacation. I love our little family - my hubby, Miss A, Little O, and our bundle-to-be.


To Cut or Not to Cut

Humidity makes Little O's ... into a curly, haired cutie. The dry weather here, not so much. Do I cut her hair or not. And then, what to do?

The curls are so cute and I'm almost certain they will be chopped away with her first haircut.

I guess I'll enjoy them now until I decide what to do with her hair.


Happy Easter!

In absolutely no order, a few pictures from our festivities. Lots of Easter Activities this year. A few more pictures from all of our special events this past week.

Lincoln Moms Club Easter Egg Hunt.

Preschool Picnic and Hunt

Granite Springs' Church Easter Egg Hunt

Celebrating the holiday at home.

And ... after all the fun, Miss A was SCARED to death of the Easter Bunny.She cried for literally 3 hours the evening before Easter because she was so scared of the big bunny hopping in her house. We ended up putting a note on the door for the Easter Bunny telling him he could just hop away. Thankfully he still stopped at our house. ;) The first thing Miss A asked when she woke up (super early), "Mom, can we just go and check to see if the easter bunny came?" Too cute. We had a fun holiday indeed!


Easter Egg Hunt Aftermath

This morning was our church's annual Easter Egg Hunt. We had a blast, as we do with most activities these days. Here's a few pictures to prove it!

Miss A looks like she was cleaning chimney's all morning and Little O looks thrilled to death. I couldn't help but to laugh when I saw these pictures. Miss A wanted a spider painted on her face, along with a flower and a butterfly on her hand. Needless to say, the black spider paint got everywhere! She went in the bounce house immediately following face painting and thus, the look of chimney cleaner.

As for Little O, is her look just thrilling? I guess that's what happens when you're the 2nd wheel and have to tag along with your older sister. She was more than ready to go home.

It was a fun filled Easter week indeed! This event concluded the 3 easter egg hunts we had this week, a little preschool celebration, Good Friday church service, decorating easter eggs, and several other easter activities. It was an egg-stra special Easter week for us!