Soccer Star or Flower Picker of the Field?

Miss A's quote of the day during soccer:

I asked her what her favorite thing was today - goalie or playing in the game. A said' "Let me think. Hmmmm. Drink breaks and sitting out."

I think we might need to stick to another sport, lol. At least she's having fun. 



Love this sweet girl :) 


The Big Arch

Driving back from a trip to Michigan, the arch was beautiful. A perfect entrance to the almost end of a long, construction delayed return trip. 


Sweet S Walking

Finally, she's walking! Still prefers crawling, but she's doing great!

Giggles and Laughs for A Mom of Three: The Mall

Heading to the mall with three in tow was far from glamorous this weekend. Ha. Two playing iPad and itouch and the third screaming. After a horrible dressing room experience (yes, the stroller came with me), I ended up purchasing a handful of dresses for upcoming events. Being a mom of three is sometimes, lots of times, tough! Phew!