Hoppy Easter!

From our family to yours, Hoppy Easter!


The Table Won

Table: 1
Miss A: 0

Yes, the table won! She bent down to pick up a piece of her princess toy and hit her ear just right. Ouch! I saw the entire thing, but honestly do not how "this" (see below) resulted. I actually ended up calling the pediatrians office because her ear swelled up like a balloon and the blood kept pooling in her ear lobe. It was really gross and I was really worried!

These are pictures from today - 3 days later and it's still black, blue, purple, and red.


Sick Little Baby

Our little O has been feeling under the weather lately. A cold, congestion, fever, crying tons, etc. I took her to the doctor on Thursday to check everything out - just a viral infection. Poor little thing.

She's been sleeping A TON lately. Everytime I snap a picture, she's sleeping.

She's sleeping in the stroller.

In the boppy under her activity mat.

Sleeping in the bouncy chair.

Sleeping in the Iron Chef's arms.

And in the sling.

In addition to little O feeling under the weather, I have a feeling she is hitting her 12-week growth spurt a little early.

Poor thing. I am hoping she has a speedy recovery before she flies on an airplane for her first time.

Palm Sunday Parade

Last weekend Miss A participated in Granite Springs' Palm Sunday Parade. She just advanced to the big kid Sunday School classroom instead of the nursery. She turned 3, is potty trained, and now apart of Busy Builders.

She had so much fun during the first service parade that she asked to participate in the parade again during second service.

Miss A is on the far right hand side, pink/green lady bug dress holding onto Madeline's hand (classroom helper).

A New Toy

The Iron Chef and I were supposed to be having a weight loss contest. With wedding season soon approaching and bathing suit weather within a month away, weight loss mission is underway! Both of us have been putting our elliptical to good use and I've also been walking a ton, too. I also jumped back on the running bandwagon. As you can see, we're on a mission. I am bound and determined to lose my baby weight faster this time around. I definitely gained more, especially in the midsection areas.

We were "supposed" to have a weight loss contest. First one to lost 10% wins a prize. A big prize such as a new ipad or a double bob stroller. Something worth sweating over, literally.

Well .....

The Iron Chef purchased a new toy today. To me. From me. (or so he states).

What's the new toy ---- ipad2!!! I must admit, it's pretty neat. The apps, the sleekness, etc, etc. At least now he will be extra motivated now that he already has his prize in hand, right? :)


Spring is HERE!

I love California for the amazing spring weather we have. It (spring) arrives just that much earlier than it does in the midwest. I love it ... however, spring means the hot summer is soon approaching.

The weather has been in the 70's, beautiful sunshine, and we've been spending lots of time outdoors. I love it! Our backyard is full of blooms and flowering bushes already, too.

Miss A was outside working in the yard with the Iron Chef when I heard her little green frog boots stopping through the kitchen. She appears with a beautiful flower in her hand.

Her response. "Mom this is for you. It's for your wedding day so you can hold flowers."

Thanks, Miss A!


Three Year Old Attitude

I've noticed that Miss A has a whole new "approach" to life these days. She's been very "spirited" and a challenge at times. Not listening, not following directions, the whole nine yards. After watching this video of her, I realized I hope her reactions and temperments end sooner rather than later. The arms, the head bob. Yikes! I'm in for a treat! But, although this video highlights a few of her three year old attitudes, it also highlights her funny character.

And, how on earth does she think of these things? Toe jam? Seriously! After I video taped this, I caught her taking off her little O's socks to pick out her toe jam. Gross! Maybe she is on her way to becoming a podiatrist. Either that or we just have one big goof-ball on our hands!


Hoppy 'almost' Easter

With Palm Sunday right around the corner and Easter on the way, the Chef family wanted to say, "Hoppy almost Easter."


Long and Lean ... and Feeling Better!

I keep thinking Miss A is going to have a growth spurt any day, but not yet. She's smaller than all the boys that are younger than she is and shorter than most of the girls her age. Since she was so sick, I had to reschedule her 3-year well check so I do not know how she compares to kiddos her age right now.

But, I do know she lost weight while she was so sick. Poor thing. I didn't realize it (although every time we went to the doctor they would weigh her; she was 29.2 last time we went) I started snapping pictures recently. Her little legs are much skinnier than they were a month ago before she was sick.

As for her illness, I think we are free and clear! We have a follow-up appt coming up to double check on everything, including her hearing. But, her energy has returned! In a crazy kind of way. She starting to be the bubbly little girl I used to know and I love it! She still has her shy moments, but is overall feeling better. Although, she will still used the "I don't feel well" excuse occasionally when she needs attention. She'll say she has a bad cough. I'll tell her I don't hear her coughing and she'll make the most fake cough you could possibly ever hear in your life. So ... much better!

Here she is, skinny legs and all, sporting her new shades! And, her hair is starting to get blond highlights already from the sun.


Sweepover Sisters!

Miss A wanted to pull out the blankets and pretend play "sweepover" yesterday. Little O thought it was a great idea as well.


Decorating Easter Eggs

Today after church the Chef family decided to decorate easter eggs. The Iron Chef led the operation, including adding a bit of creativity by dying the rope strands as well.

Both Miss A and Miss O had a blast and we had a few videos to prove it.

Little Miss A adores her sister. Little O smiles and smiles at her big sister all day long.

Turning and coloring the eggs.

All Easter Eggs must have a buddy (friend)!

Pirate Hat Fun

Homemade pirate hats, a mildly warm evening and great friends.


It's in the Genes

Another little Miss A story. She's all Polish. That's how I'll start. I was starting to think the polish (szczukowski/skiba side) missed the gene pool for her.

Well, it was time I thought again. Especially after our Easter decorating session the other day in our house. I pulled down the easter bins and Miss A was super excited. She loves decorating for holidays.

She wanted to decorate the easter egg tree all by herself.

Yes, 100% polish looking. All the eggs on one tree limb. It's in her genes.


And I Thought Three Was Bad

This post is in regards to my post about Miss A being three and everything needing to be completed in sets of three or with three. The underwear for example. Today Miss A was screaming in the bathroom that she needed help. I was so confused why should couldn't get her little panties off by herself.

I said, "Try again, Miss A

She yelled back, "I can't."

With Little O in my arms, I ran to the bathroom to avoid an potty accident only to find out she had not only three pairs of underwear on, but six! Yes, six pair of princess panties. No wonder the girl couldn't take them off. I could barely take them all off myself.

Apparently she's into the layering look in a disguised kind of a way.


Park with the Iron Chef

The Iron Chef has been very busy with work these last few weeks. I spotted his car driving down the road from work while we were at the park one day.

Miss A absolutely loves it when the Iron Chef pops up at the park unexpectedly. She always runs right to him.

And this little girl, just loved a little snuggle time.



Miss A is 'three' and she let's everyone know it. For example, if she wants a snack, a book, a toy, or pretty much anything, her response? "I'll have three please. Why? Because I'm three."

It's pretty comical, actually.

Especially tonight.

I have both girls upstairs as our bedtime routine is in full swing. Miss A finished taking a bath and we were headed to her bedroom for pajamas, books, and prayers. In my arms, Miss O, takes a huge poopy. I ran out of diapers upstairs so I had to run to her bedroom downstairs to change her diaper. I grabbed a pair of pajamas, clean underwear, and socks for Miss A to put on.

Meanwhile, I changed a messy diaper. Upon finishing, I return upstairs to her bedroom. The following conversation is held:

Me: "Wow, Miss A. Great job getting on your pajamas."

A: "Thanks."

Me: "Did you get your panties on the right way?"

A: "Yes, all three."

Me: "All three?"

A: "Yes."

Me: I check to see if what she is saying actually matches up with what is true. Yes, it does. She has on three pair of underwear to go to bed.

Me: "Why do you have on so many panties?"

A: "I have three because I'm three. I need that many. I have one in case I dribble and three because I'm three."

Me: "Are you sure you need that many on for bed?"

A: "Yes, because I'm three."

I should have guessed. I should have known. So, as you guessed it, she's soundly asleep upstairs in her bed with all three pair of underwear on.


Dancin' Around

I must admit, Miss A will probably kill me for photos like this one day. But, how can you resist an almost naked chica dancin' around the house. She loves music and loves to dance around. Thus, the result!

She was having so much fun the other day while Olivia was sleeping.



Miss O celebrated her two-month birthday on Friday with a photo shoot and a trip to the doctor. Want to know her stats? She's a CHUNK-O MONKO!

11 lbs 5 1/2 oz - 65% percentile
22 3/4 in - 67% percentile

She is on a pretty good schedule and has slept through the night 2 times already. She needs about 11-12 hours of sleep per night and takes 3-4 naps a day. She really loves a 3.5 hour afternoon nap (bizarre at such a young age, in comparison to how Miss A was) and when we're home, she loves it. I also love it because it allows me to spend lots of quality time with Miss A.

Miss O is progressing with her neck muscles and doing well on tummy time. She can roll over on her side but is still far from rolling over. She's had a couple of 'almosts' but that would have been pure accident.

Here she is!

She is an absolute peach. So loveable, so adorable, so incredibily different than her sister.

What the Iron Chef and I are figuring out about her? She's going to be a momma's girl! Most definitely! She is not easily soothed by her daddy, but put her in my arms and she is good to go.




Miss A Update

She STILL HAS A FEVER! I honestly cannot believe it. We went in to the doctor again today for a check-up, as well as her last antibiotic injection. She's definitely sore now that she's had 3 straight days of injections. Poor thing, she can barely walk! On a positive note, her energy definitely seems to be improving and the doctor did say her ears are starting to look better.

We have a follow-up appointment for her hearing (she can't hear anything right now) and for her ears, unless fever continues. In that case, we will be back to the doctor again next week to reevaluate the entire situation.

She just can't seem to fight this. She's laying low and watching tv right now, exactly what she needs. As I continue to say, we're hoping and praying for a better tomorrow.