Maybe Baby?

Maybe a baby?

I'm just a time bomb waiting to explode!

Haha, made you look!

One of these days ....

Now I should probably just start placing bets with everyone as to when the arrival of our 'precious' little girl will take place. Kyle and I said she already has second child syndrome and she's making a fashionable late appearance. I told the pastor yesterday she was going to be a very stubborn little girl. His response, "She'll just be 'spirited' not stubborn."

Miss A shares a birthday with her great grandma, so maybe little Miss to-be-born will share a birthday with one of our friends' little guys that celebrates his birthday today. Or, maybe she'll show up tomorrow and have a birthday one month away from her sisters.

Time will tell.


Pink Donuts & Cookies

Nothing better to beat the 'overdue' blues than to load up with sweets? Since I'm a time bomb just waiting to explode, I thought I better indulge in a few more treats before I limit myself and lose the baby weight.

So ... we made cookies!

And, went to Starbucks after church today. Miss A couldn't stop talking about the "wittle pink dodunt" at the Starbucks today. They had one left and she enjoyed every single bite.


Miss A & Mimi Have a Spa Day

Miss A loves painted nails. This was the first time she actually 'painted' nails on someone else. Yes, the real deal. Real nail polish ton hat made it on my moms' clothes, on our rag and all over my moms' nails. She was so serious while she was painting nails and toes, as can be seen from the pictures.


One More Thing ...

I've realized that being 'overdue' with a baby is turning into an expensive hobby. My mom, Miss A and I have been shopping and finding all kinds of great things. Little Miss Baby-to-be has new outfits, head bands, and hair bows. The Iron Chef will wish things happened sooner than later. :)

So, happy shopping to me. Maybe being overdue isn't such a bad thing after all.

March of the Penguins

I'm officially overdue, overdue and the Iron Chef informed me I'm walking around like a penguin. Maybe it was the black stretch pants, TIGHT white top and long sweater I had on that made him think I resembled a penguin. Or, maybe it was the fact I'm probably carrying a 9 lber (or at least she feels that big), overdue, large, and most definitely wobble. Either way, I think I'll work on a penguin picture to post, for memories and for laughing.

I was at the grocery store yesterday, wobbling to the front door. Some woman said, "I think I'll just stop my cart right now, I'm swaying and can't keep my cart in control." My response, "Really? It's okay if you hit me. I'm overdue. Maybe getting hit by a cart would send me into labor." She laughed. I didn't.

So our days now consist of being 'normal' and continuing with regular day to day operations. As if I wasn't pregnant at all - 3-6 mile walks, grocery stores, shopping, etc, etc - all with a penguin type waddle.


Pregnancy Update

Yes, I'm frustrated and frankly, a little sad. I was only 1 cm dilated at my doctor appointment today and he said this isn't enough to be induced. He said he was not comfortable inducing me at this point because the baby is still so high and my changes of an emergency c-section will be greatly increased. So ... the waiting continues.

Yes, I'm miserable. Miserable beyond belief. My cankles, I mean ankles, are still 'swollen' beyond being recognizable and the numbness in my fingers and the palm of my hands continues to get worse. My blood pressure was definitely a little higher, too. But hey, the doctor said he won't let me go past 2 weeks. Gulp. I know. I think I'll probably have nightmares tonight.

So on my agenda for tomorrow - buying 6-month or 9-month clothes for my newborn baby. My mom and I think that should be about right for how large this baby is getting. haha. But, in all seriousness, the baby is not getting any smaller nor am I.

It's going to be a long couple weeks of m-i-s-e-r-y! I'm done.


A Big 'Ole 39 Week Baby Belly

Here it is ... a big 'ole stomach and a huge baby. I keep telling myself I'm having a 9 lber. I sure hope not, but I know I'm huge this time around.


Prego Pizza

Well I was honestly waiting to post about the "Prego Pizza" because I was hoping it would send me straight to the hospital with a baby on the way. Well, not so much. It did, however, send me to the restroom and I believe I lost about 10 lbs ... then gained it all back in my cankles as can be seen in my previous post.

The pizza itself was actually not too bad. Lots of toppings and no sauce. Kind of like a deluxe pizza with several extra toppings. We'll definitely try Skipolini's again sometime, although on different terms.

And the story behind the pizza ...

In the spring of 1981, a woman desperate to give birth after a trying pregnancy, wandered into Skipolini's Pizza in downtown Clayton. Jokingly, the woman demanded that the manager give her a pizza that would make her have the baby soon. Seeing her desperation, the manager concocted a pizza with just about every known topping in the restaurant. The woman left the restaurant after eating the "Prego" pizza and went into labor that same evening. So began the amazing history of the first ever, the original, "Prego" pizza.

And here it is - the Prego Pizza. Even the box claims they are home to the original "Prego Pizza."


Miss A's Favorites!

I'm not sure what Miss A would do without these two!

Get Ready to Laugh - Cankles at their BEST!

Yes, I'm swollen, really swollen. My ankles have gone well past cankles and here's a picture to prove it! I can barely wear loose socks without having them cut off my circulation.

My mom about died from laughter when she saw my ... um ... beautiful "legs" and my sister thinks there's not hope to be a cute, pregnant chick when it's her turn.

Oy vei this is going to be a long few days!


What We've Been Up To Lately

As I mentioned, Miss A was OBSESSED with Christmas this year. In fact, she continually talks about Christmas, thanks people for their gifts, and asked her daddy if she would tell Santa she was being a good girl ... um ... yesterday! She has a long way until next year.

A few of her new favorite toys are keeping her busy, which is a good thing.

Dog Boots

Thanks to Miss A's cousin, Miss S, she now has her own pair of "dog boots" (as she calls them). They are absolutely adorable and she literally thinks she's a dog when she wears them. Ah, pretend play at it's best!


Lazy Days

The Chef family has had a few lazy days lately. My belly is getting bigger and frankly, I'm just getting plain miserable. I'm probably one of the worst pregnant ladies during the last few weeks ...

Miss A and I were dancing around the kitchen to her radio and cd's and then she just wanted to me lazy. She sat down, pulled over a stool and listened to her kids music while sitting.

Yes, lazy days for us lately!


Upside Down

Why do toddlers always wear sunglasses upside down? Or, how is it that they always put their shoes on the wrong feet. Here's Miss A sporting her "Sparty" gear and wearing a pair of sunglasses, upside down, of course. And, eating celery and peanut butter, a new favorite snack of hers to eat.


Dance, again.

We took several good months off dance classes. Life was just too busy, vacations were planned and I just couldn't squeeze in another planned activity. Apparently at 37-weeks along in my pregnancy I decided it was a good idea to pick up dance again. ha! However, Miss A loves it and I love watching her dance around with the other littel girls. Plus, with all the rain we've been getting lately, it gives her a chance to move around and get some of her wiggles out!


How 'bout This Snow?

The Iron Chef was out of town this week near Truckee. I know we just posted pictures of "snow" but here's a picture of SNOW! This was along the side of the highway and it's not even an area with the most snow.

The Iron Chef said the snow was higher than his Ford Explorer. At least the CA Dept of Transportation has done well clearing the roads. :)


Lotsa Snow!

During our week of "vacation" we headed to Tahoe (actually the outskirts, but this gives you an idea of location) for some snow! Miss A doesn't get the snow in her backyard like the Iron Chef and I had growing up, so we have to drive to it! She loved every single minute in the snow and definitely didn't want to leave. She slept the entire drive home, too!

Parts near Donner Pass (near Truckee, NV) have about 17 ft of snow (according to my dad), so as you can imagine, these pictures with knee deep snow truly don't do justice on how much snow the Sierras have received this year. But, they give you an idea to how much fun Miss A had in the snow.