A Quick MI Beach Stop

Love Pere Marquette Beach in my hometown. A beautiful spot.  


Little O

This girl is every bit of two. Sometimes sweet, sometimes not so much. 

My Laundry Helper

This one year old loves helping with laundry :) 


Miss A started kindergarten last week. She loves school and is doing incredibly well with her learning. I'm beyond proud of this sweet girl.

The Little Tigers

Love these sweet girls. 


Back To School Playdate

A fun back to school play date with our kiddos. Story time - llama llama misses momma, cupcakes, bookmark craft, and fun. 

"Bwest Fwiends"

Little O and her "bwest fwiends"

Lowes Build and Grow

A few of the moms from our moms group took the kiddos to lowes to work on a plane project. They had a blast! 


Happy Birthday, Super S.

Happy Pink Lemonade Birthday Party to our special one year old.