Movie Night with A

Waiting for our Iron Chef, our favorite daddy, in our unfinished, in furniture, and horrendous color choices (thanks to previous home owners) dining room. We popped popcorn, grabbed our portable DVD player, put the two littles to bed, and watched a movie while waiting for the Iron Chef to return from a business trip. 

Busy, Busy, Busy

Such a busy, happy baby. Can't snap a photo fast enough these days! Always so blurry because she is so fast.

Almost One

I cannot believe this sweet thing is almost one year old. 


Making Progress

We are finally starting to get our furniture organized and hang a few things on the wall. Making progress with our new house. Baby steps!


Big Girl Transitions for Miss O

It's rough to be two. It's hard to sleep in a big girl bed, attempt potty training, and everything in between. Apparently, a new big girl bed is so fun that it makes sleep WAY overrated. Falling asleep at the kitchen table during afternoon snack time! Miss O was tired!