A'isms - Mommy's Tummy

Often I wonder how much Miss A actually understands in regards to the concept of being a Big Sister. I often think she has no clue what is going on and what's about to happen.

However, regardless of what she thinks, she definitely loves her brother/sister in mommy's tummy. Miss A loves to kiss "mommy's tummy" and talk with the baby. She will tell stories about her day, her favorite snacks, etc. Sometimes she wants to read books to the baby and other times she'll just say, "see mommy's tummy" and give the baby a quick kiss.

The other day while she was laying down by my side, talking with the baby, she said, "Grow up, Baby!" I think it's going to be a long few months of her wondering when on earth this "baby" is going to arrive.


High School Sweethearts & Buds

This past summer the Iron Chef and I celebrated our 10 year class reunion. Wow ~ ten years surely did go by quickly! And if you didn't already know (or forgot), the Iron Chef and I graduated high school together so we were able to share in this experience together.

Here we are ... the high school sweethearts still in love 10 years later. :)

We started off the evening with a dinner party (thanks to my parents house for letting me host) and then off we went on to our festivities. It's amazing how hard it is to chat with people at 10 year reunions when you have so much to catch up on and want to spend time with your best buds from high school as well. It was definitely a balance and when I look back on the night, I didn't get to talk with half as many people as I wanted. However, I think the Iron Chef and I were able to catch up with old friends and enjoy our evening.

And to my favorite ladies of the evening ~ here's to another great 10 years!


Baby Love

Miss A definitely loves her baby dolls. That can be made known to anyone within their first time visiting with her. She'll swoon over baby dolls and everything about them. She sleeps with them, plays with them, even swims with dolls in the pool.

Here she is ... loving life and her babies.

And the outfit? It's 100% pure Miss A. She wanted to wear her boots and an apron to play outside and I say, "Go for it!" It was hot outside anyway and I knew she'd stay cool. It was hilarious to see her romping around in her pull-up and boots. :)


Back Seat Sillies

Miss A entertaining herself in the back seat of the car while waiting for the car wash at Raley's. Apparently upside down sunglasses and socks on her hands was most amuzing and entertaining.


It's HOT

California is back up into the warm 100's this week. It feels sweltering hot after having a very mild, cool weekend.

We've been spending our days at the pool, our time in the air conditioning, and eating popsicles and frozen treats to stay cool.


Vacation Highlights

This one is for you, Dad. A quick snapshot of some of Miss A's favorite vacation moments with her Papa P.

Apparently Papa's will do just about anything for their grandkids, including crooked glasses and all.

Pool time with Papa P.

Miss A's favorite "yard" animals - Muddy Feet and all of her buddies.

Sitting on the dune buggy with Papa P.

All of your girls ...


The BIG News

If you haven't already heard, we have BIG news. Big baby news.

Ms. A is going to be a Big Sister and we're adding another pea to our pod. The stork will be making an arrival come January 2011.

Some days Ms. A thinks she's having a little brother, other days she thinks she's having a little sister. And yesterday she thought I should be having a little doggie. :)

Needless to say, we're all excited and baby preparations are already in full swing, doctor appointments going well, and I'm finally (with fingers crossed) starting to feel better once again.