High School Sweethearts & Buds

This past summer the Iron Chef and I celebrated our 10 year class reunion. Wow ~ ten years surely did go by quickly! And if you didn't already know (or forgot), the Iron Chef and I graduated high school together so we were able to share in this experience together.

Here we are ... the high school sweethearts still in love 10 years later. :)

We started off the evening with a dinner party (thanks to my parents house for letting me host) and then off we went on to our festivities. It's amazing how hard it is to chat with people at 10 year reunions when you have so much to catch up on and want to spend time with your best buds from high school as well. It was definitely a balance and when I look back on the night, I didn't get to talk with half as many people as I wanted. However, I think the Iron Chef and I were able to catch up with old friends and enjoy our evening.

And to my favorite ladies of the evening ~ here's to another great 10 years!