Olivia Overload

Everyone's been asking, so here they are. A few pictures of our latest bundle of joy. Enjoy.

The sweet smell of a new baby.

Our little watermelon seed.

Yes her hair is as long as you can imagine.

I may have a head full of hair and chunky little cheeks, but I'm still a 'little' tiny like a newborn. Pictures just don't make it seem that way.

The iron chef and the sous chef looking as 'fabulous' as ever and the two sisters in their matching jammies from their great grandma.

Little girl accessories are just too cute!

Miss A getting a sneak peak of her little sister.

Our first family picture.


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I have been thinking of you this weekend and hoping you are riding the high of mommyhood with your two baby girls!! One not so baby anymore :) Olivia is just beautiful and you look great momma!!!

Nikki said...

This last photo, as a family, is what life is all about! Congratulations J - the wait is over! she's a beauty. LOVE the hair.