Happy 1st Birthday, Little O!

Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet, little O! This has been such a fast year and you have grown so big. One already? You have the sweetest personality, hate long naps, still love your bottle (we're working on that), have super thick semi-curly hair, in the early stages of walking and taking about 10 steps, love your big sister, food is probably your favorite part of the day, you are still wearing your helmet, forward facing in the carseat now, you weight about 26 lbs and are a constant arm workout, wear a size 5 shoe (your big sister only wore a size 3 on her 1st bday), and we couldn't love you anymore.

LOVE you, sweet girl!


Leah Robinson said...

Awe Happy birthday Olivia! We love you =) Love her smile in that first family pic ;)