Happy Easter!

In absolutely no order, a few pictures from our festivities. Lots of Easter Activities this year. A few more pictures from all of our special events this past week.

Lincoln Moms Club Easter Egg Hunt.

Preschool Picnic and Hunt

Granite Springs' Church Easter Egg Hunt

Celebrating the holiday at home.

And ... after all the fun, Miss A was SCARED to death of the Easter Bunny.She cried for literally 3 hours the evening before Easter because she was so scared of the big bunny hopping in her house. We ended up putting a note on the door for the Easter Bunny telling him he could just hop away. Thankfully he still stopped at our house. ;) The first thing Miss A asked when she woke up (super early), "Mom, can we just go and check to see if the easter bunny came?" Too cute. We had a fun holiday indeed!