1st Haircut

Little O finally had her first haircut. We ventured up to Colorado Springs for her pediatric gastroenterologist appointment and decided to try a children's salon for her first trim.

A little trim to even up her ends and she was good to go. I am pretty sure she cried the whole time. Then the lady tried to bribe her with a sucker (she has never had one nor would I let her at this age) and I had to tell the stylist a polite no thank you because of her gluten allergies. Of course that sent O crying even more! Alas, first haircut down and her hair looks so much better. It's still a crazy mess and I am usually clueless on how to style it. That, and she has been putting empty bowls ( after she finishes eating what was inside) on top of her head and saying "hat" and then her hair is a sloppy, wet , food filled mess.

Here she is - 1st haircut.