She's Here!

Sophia Marie. 5 lbs 13 oz 19.5 in. Born 8/7/12. Life was a little crazy on the 7th. The scenario? The iron chef was out of town in Dallas on a business trip. Contractions and a little bleeding woke me up frantically in the morning. Of course the one scenario we didn't want to happen, happens. I go into labor when he's traveling. Having justices to a new town, we still havnt met many friends. So what does a pregnant lady in labor so when she's home alone with the kiddos? Haul them to the hospital with her of course. I'm pretty sure I was quite the sight to see when I walked into labor with two kids in tow. A family friend from Denver rushed down to pueblo and rescued the girls. A huge lifesaver to us all- we couldn't have done it without you mr j. The iron chef made it to the hospital with about two hours to spare before the baby was born . There definitely wasn't much wiggle room because little S came incredibly fast.

Our third bundle is the tiniest of the bunch and her two sisters just cannot get enough of her.

I was diagnosed with group b strep during pregnancy and was unable to to get all doses of antibiotics during labor so we are staying two nights in hospital and will be discharged tomorrow. Little s dropped down to 5 lbs 5 oz and is definitely tiny! She has a little heart murmur that they are watching and loves to sleep! Let's hope she keeps that up because I will need fill energy with a house of kiddos.

A horrible picture of myself, but our first true family picture together. All the loves of my life.