San Francisco Treat

Life is busy. I think I'll always be saying that phrase. It's just plain busy, especially with the holidays.

I chopped my hair. Check.

We vacationed to San Francisco. Check.

Even took a little mini overnight trip to Napa. Check. And, without Ms. A, too. Even more fun. I guess I shouldn't say it that way. Just a well needed break with the Iron Chef. Check.

Prepping for vacation. Check.

Here are a few pictures from one of our latest excursions. San Francisco, which was definitely a treat.

Say, "CHEESE" little Miss. I'm not sure when A will outgrow this stage of shutting her eyes while she smiles.

Alcatraz ... super scary looking with the fog.

Lombard Street. Ya know, the most super twisty, curly street in America. They were filming a commercial for Bridgestone tires so we couldn't physically drive down the road.

We most definitely road a trolley as well. Trolley company was probably the biggest scam of them all. Our "driver" told us we could get out at Lombard Street to tour around (he told the entire trolley this message over loudspeaker) so a group of us decided to get off and take pictures. Our driver told us we could just pick up the next trolley if we show our tickets. He lied! The next trolley came around and the only way we could get back on was to repurchase another ticket. So needless to say, we did not get to drive fast down the hill like you see in all the movies. And to make our trolley ride even worse, we left our stroller on the trolley (with the lying driver) and had to go and track it down. Luckily (after chasing down a few trolleys) we re cooped the stroller and were back to enjoying our day. Phew. That was definitely exhausting.

One of our favorite spots in San Francisco - the piers! Walking along the bay, the crazies along the streets, the shops, and the seals!

And one of my personal favorites - Ghiradelli square and the free chocolate samples. Deelish!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am so happy for ya'll! Your little family looks so content and soaking up all the joys of Cali!!

Sheri said...

Looks like a wonderful day! (well, except for a few things) But, all-in-all ... what a gorgeous day to be out near the Bay!