We're BACK!

Vacation took a toll on blogging. A major toll in a major way. Updates are soon to be on their way.

The Chef Family had an amazing vacation. We were constantly going from house to house and always moving, but had fun, nonetheless. It was definitely a treat and a special Christmas to see Ms. A this year. What a change compared to last year! She loved opening presents and thought every package under the tree should have had her name on it. She was caught ripping into a few packages a little early, too.

We experienced snow ... rain ... and came back to warmer (not hot), but warmer weather. The lowest our house temperature dropped to was 56 degrees while we were gone on vacation. :) Good ole California.

Now, back into the swing of things! We hope you had a fun Christmas as well.


RedHead said...

Glad you guys made it back safe! It was great to see you- miss you already!!! XOXO