Speech Update

Most of you know that Ms. A is attending weekly speech therapy sessions. They are doing wonders for her speech and we're finally able to communication on the 2-year-old level (close to it), which we should be doing. She still has a long way to come, but we're making strides. Our goals continue to have her use the final syllable of worlds or actually finish a word, and to rid her of the jibberish she still uses. One step at a time, I keep reminding myself.

I do, however, know that she understands and can communication much more than she actually does. How do I know this?

The other super hot hot hot day in California we had gone for a walk around the block. Upon returning, Ms. A was given a treat of a (watered down) juice box to replenish her fluids. Later on that day when her Daddy returned from work she asked him for a "juice box."

My reply, "A, you've already had one today."

Her response, "I want two!"

So yes, this is such a language accomplishment and we're proud of her. Our therapy sessions just increased from 30 minutes per week to one hour per week and I somehow managed to work my way into the "system" so the state of California is actually starting to pay for her therapy sessions beginning this month.


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

What a blessing -- I am so glad to hear Miss A is doing well. AND thank goodness Cali decided to cave, geez!