You Make The Call

There has been much debate our little Ms. A. Where does she get her looks? Who does she look like? Does she look like the Iron Chef or does she look like me, the Sous Chef?

You make the call!

Below is Ms. A's 2-year picture along with my 2-year-old picture and the Iron Chef's almost 2 and a little older than 2 years old photos.

It's hard to tell at first glance. If you look closely you can see certain similarities in facial features but I guess that's why most people say she looks like other members of our families. :)


Leah Robinson said...

Oh with these pictures she looks like you a lot!!

Sheri said...

Tough one ... I'm sure I'm gonna be the exception, but I gotta give the nod to her dad ... eyes, smile! But she's definitely got you in there, too!