Miss A: Another Update

I keep thinking her fever will break. Nope. It was back again around 100'F this morning about 2 hours after she woke up (fever free at first). The doctor thinks the fever is still coming from just her ear infection, nothing else. At least that's one good sign. We're still on the second form of antibiotics. The doctor thought we should give it another shot before moving to injectables. Her ear infection had about a 1% improvement, so she thought there would be a chance with this new antibiotic. If she still has a fever, we'll be back into the doctors office again tomorrow. This time, we'll start shots. Two injects a day for 3 days. If that doesn't work, we schedule an appointment with the ENT and she will probably have tubs in her ears or a procedure to drain the fluid and help with the infection.

Miss A simply CANNOT hear right now. That's how bad her ear infection is right now. She asks to have everything repeated, the volume turned up on the television, etc, etc. Poor thing!

It's really hard to keep her laying low. REALLY hard. We've watched about 100 movies and television shows. I just don't want her to catch anything else. Everytime we start playing, she'll start coughing really hard (yes, she still has a horrible cough/cold bug) and her fever kicks back in gear.

The benefit of the television watching? She's really learning her letters, sounds of letters, etc. We've watched LeapFrog several times. This has been an area we've been working with and she's finally making huge progress!

As usual, we're praying and hoping for another better day. She misses her friends (and I miss my mom friends), but we're doing what's best - laying low and hopefully getting better!


Courtney @ Red Heads Craft More Fun said...

Hang in there! I am praying she feels better soon! XOXO