Miss A: Another Update

We've officially started antiobiotic injections. Definitely not fun for a 3-year-old. The doctor must do these injections because of the type of medicine that has to be administered. The nurse had to hold down her legs, I had to hold her arms and her chest and she screamed like heck! It's definitely sad to see your little one go through things like this.

We went to Target after the big experience and I let her pick out anything she wanted in the store. We passed the barbies, the princesses, the dolls. What did she pick? A book. She said, "Mom, I want a book." I asked her to look around and find any book she wanted. She selected, "Olivia and her Two Babies." How cute! :)

Then, we relived the entire "shot" experience later before bed as bath time was upon us and she saw the bandaids again. She hates bandaids to begin with (I know, what little kid doesn't like bandaids) and she told me I can never take them off! Wait until she has a collection of 3 on her little legs.

We have another injection today and then another round on Friday. On Friday the doctor will reassess to determine if we have any next steps/action plans. Fingers crossed and praying!


Sheri said...

I'm so sorry Miss Ava is still fighting this. There must be something in that area. My friend's teenage daughter (in Rocklin) struggled through what sounds like the same thing. Sending lots of get well wishes & prayers to you.