Swimming, swimming

Warning: Video overload. This is for the grandparents. :)

As Miss A sings, "Swimming, swimming, in the swimming hole. When days are hot and days are cold, in the swimming hole. Backstroke, sidestroke, fancy diving toooooooooo, Wouldn’t you wish you never had anything else to do BUT (repeat song over and over again).

And, that's exactly what Miss A has been doing. Swimming, swimming, repeat and repeat some more.

She has been taking swim lessons this summer and has been enjoying every minute. We have had our fair share of tears, but she's doing well and learning some instructional safety tips on swimming.

This is my favorite video thus far (however I said, "on your marks, get set go ... instead of mark. It's driving me crazy).

I actually thought she was getting the rings herself, but I guess she still needs a little help from her swim instructor. I'm still proud of her!

And after swim lessons today, she was ready to go. She started singing/cheering, "Let's Go, let's go, L-E-T-S-G-O!" She's a future cheerleader, or so she says. I guess she's in training. She thinks she's going to cheer for the Indianapolis Colts some day.


Deanna Sheffler said...

So proud of you Ava! You are swimming like Ariel. Thank you for the video, Nana and Papa Neil love it! Keep them coming!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

She is such a good swimmer ... I'm so impressed!!