Tis Wedding Season Again

One of my great friends from college recently got married. I love weddings. Everyone always looks so nice. The atmosphere is wonderful. And the celebration between two special people is even better. Makes me relive my own special wedding day (7 years this summer).

I didn't end up taking too many photos of the actual ceremony or even the bride (oops). It was a beautiful reception at the Cincinnati Art Museum and several of my college friends were in attendance. What more can you ask for?

The bevy of beauties with Tommy-B, father-of-the-bride.

I'd say we couldn't have been more color coordinating ~ with everyone's dress complimenting eachothers. It definitely turned out to be a fabulous picture!

Wow, I miss these Miami girls so much! Everytime I see them, I wish we lived closer so we could hang out and play with our little Miami babies together. It's amazing how so many have still remained friends ... and now our little babies will get to know and meet eachother. I miss you girls already!