Toddler Tantrums

Everyone says, "terrible twos." I honestly never thought I'd hit the stage. As a newborn, A cried all the time and would not settle down at all. However, once she turned 2 months it was an entirely new world. Until now ...

She is reverting back to her "younger" days. Insisting to drink out of sippy cups with handles.

Throwing tantrums on the garage floor. And yes, the outfit was to her liking.

Insisting she ALWAYS be carried and only on the right side of my body, not the left side, as she'll throw a full blown tantrum if she is carried incorrectly. She does the "up sign" frequently throughout the day as can be seen from her little car.

She even flares her arms and legs in the most unique way. I'm lucky we haven't had another bloody lip at the rate she's going these days.

And, that's a snapshot of our days lately. How long does this phase last?


Leah Robinson said...

Don't want to scare ya but for us the two's look terrific compared to the terrible three's LOL

Just know that you are NOT alone!! All kiddos go through the tantrums =)

Sheri said...

Hopefully it won't last too long. I got lucky with Nick. He never really did the tantrum thing. If he started to fuss, I'd just hold out my hand (sorta a "talk to the hand" gesture) and said "We don't fuss" matter of factly. Only NOW that he's just turned 5 is he starting to act-up a bit ... he gets pouty, tries to hide behind doors or curls up backwards in a chair, and yes, has done some yelling at us (I quell that quickly). So, when does it end? GOOD question!