2-Year Doctor Appointment

The 2 year well check up turned into quite an event for Ms. A. We ended up getting a thorough well check exam, a blood test for anemia, H1N1 flu shot, regular flu shot, autism test, prescriptions for fluoride tablets, prescriptions for allergy medications, orders for hearing test and speech assessment. Everything looked great with Ms. A but the doctor wants to double check on a few things with her speech, since she behind for her age.

As for her stats - a whopping 24.2 lbs and about 34 inches tall. They had to remeasure her height because it appeared that she was shrinking. I definitely found out that it's incredibly hard to get a good height measurement when you have a screaming toddler! Yikes!

Waiting for the doctor.

"Look here, Ms. A, this doesn't hurt. If you put your finger on the end your finger lights up red," said our pediatrician. Thank goodness for great doctors that have the ability to work with children and make them smile!

And now time for the check-up.