Our Little Leprechaun

This series of pictures makes me laugh. Actually, it makes me laugh rather hard. Like the kind of chuckle that makes you laugh once and then laugh again.

Let's just say, our little leprechaun was up to trouble today. I decided to bake some 'green' cookies in honor of St. Patty's Day. Ms. A decided that she didn't want to help. She wanted to continue working on her thank you notes and craft projects (yes, they are rather delayed this time around; oops) instead of helping me in the kitchen. This is rather unusual because she usually squeels with delight when I'm making something that is kid friendly and that she can help out with.

As I started to clean up while the oven was finishing preheating, I noticed Ms. A wasn't in the same spot at her picnic table working on art projects. Rather, I noticed a few little fingers poking around at the cookie dough. Thank goodness I had my camera right on hand to capture this moment.

Her little hand reaching as high as it could to get a taste of the cookie dough. Apparently she's getting too tall! Here's a closer look.

Oh, I couldn't help but laugh. She was so innocent looking.

Then I got a closer look at her fingers and noticed they were already a little slobbery. Looks like it wasn't her first lick of cookie dough.

With that being said, Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

This is my favorite post of lady A!!!

Nikki said...

Never will there be found a cookie baked in a child's home, that doesn't have a bit of slobber mixed in. Too cute!

Laurie said...

Great pictures!! LOL!