New Blog Announcement

Drum Roll ....

I have a new blog I've started (yes, another). Please visit my new blog site - Dusting Off The Mantel (http://dustingoffthemantel.blogspot.com/) - and don't forget to follow me through my new adventure! Comments, tips and suggestions will be greatly appreciated as I start this new blog site.

I'm going to be keeping this blog - http://thecheffamily.blogspot.com - for my personal life but realized I wanted to share more of what the blogging world has to offer.

My new site will be geared towards my new hobbies and passions in life. The blog will include decorating, DIY projects, fun recipes, baby craft ideas, bargain shopping, etc. I'm a busy mom on a budget and will be keeping all of that in mind throughout my blogging experience as well.

I'm still making adjusting and final touches to the website, so be patient. To jump start my blog I started off by reposting some of my old crafts and DIY projects.

Here's a sneak peak of what my blog site looks like at the moment. Hope to see you over there!