Baby Belly Update 24-Week Pictures

I love my bump, I love my bump, I love my bump. 24 weeks and counting. I had another doctor appointment yesterday and all is going well. The ultrasound pictures measured about a week behind, but the doctor says we're keeping the original date of Jan 26th for my estimated due date. I'm gaining weight at an alarming rate and these pictures don't due justice to how big my belly truly is this time around. I have one more 4 week appt and then I start visiting my doctor every 2 weeks. I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy has flown by!


Leah Robinson said...

You are too cute!! I shared some of your blog with Grandma Janet the other day...she just kept laughin and smiling at all the stuff Ava does =)

Nikki said...

You look like the picture-perfect pregnant lady. Good luck with the coming weeks.