Ultrasound Pictures

These are pictures from my 20-week ultrasound. A little delayed, so I finally took pictures instead of purchasing a scanner. Here they are:

Baby Chefs' profile picture

Spine and Head

Thigh, Knee, Foot - looks like long skinny little legs

Foot (look closely)

Elbow & Fist with a side profile on the head

Face (look closely)

And lastly, the famous "3 dot" picture indicating a girl. According to the ultrasound tech, there were definitely no boy parts present, just girl. :)


Sheri said...

SOOO happy & excited for you!!! Looks like I was 'on' by leaning toward pink!!! Congratulations!!!

Sue Lorey said...

Looks just like Kyle! You could name her Kylie :)

Congratulations on a soon-to-be new baby girl.

Leah Robinson said...

awwwwwwww!!!!!! Baby Chef V2.0 is lookin good =)