Vacation Through a Toddler's Eyes

Although this was not Miss A's first vacation or first flight, it was her first time out of the country. The Iron Chef wanted a tropical vacation, so tropical vacation we took. The weather was beautiful (despite a few rainy afternoons from Hurricane Paula), the resort was incredibly large, and the beach absolutely beautiful. We had a great time indeed. Here's a few snapshots from our trip, through the eyes of a toddler.

She built sand castles and played in the sand.

Experienced baby sea turtles first hand.

Made tents and wished she could romp around naked all day (it was a european "style" beach)

Loved her Dora suitcase from her great grandparents and carried it around almost everywhere, including the airplane terminal.

Splashed around in the ocean, the water parks and splash parks.

Enjoyed spa like treatments with her "bathrobe" and slippers.

Spent time with her Mommy and baby sister (in mommy's tummy)

Was incredibly spoiled by her Mimi and Nana.

Danced around like a crazy girl and stayed up way past her bedtime every single night.

A sample of the "food" she ate every night. She was always so confused why the waiters would "take my food away" ... it was a challenge to get her to eat so she played almost every single meal.

Enjoyed snacks on the beach.

Colored pictures, made bracelets/necklaces and had fun in the Barcy Kids Club doing craft projects every single day.

Definitely many wonderful memories were made from this vacation!


Nikki said...

What a fabulous vacation spot! this place looks divine! Love the pics. Nice to have family to vacation with. I can see just a bit of that baby bump - you GO girl for still looking awesome enough to pull off a bikini. I only wear those in my dreams :)