Our Easter Celebration - Pictures a Few Weeks Late

Our Easter weekend was full of fun. An Easter egg hunt at church, and nice relaxing weekend of family time! We enjoyed every minute of our time together as a family.

The Easter egg hunt at church was fabulous because instead of having candy directly filled in the eggs, the kids gathered eggs and "turned the eggs in" for a special treat bag at the end. Makes for easy candy filtering so kids don't eat too much junk.

Me, the sous chef, with my two girls.

A few pictures of the girls on Easter. A horrible pictures of Olivia, but I realized I didn't snap any pictures of the girls or our family together dressed and ready for church. Next year, right?

The Easter Bunny filled goodies for the girls and they enjoyed their treats.

Here's a video of Miss A indulging in a special treat...

... and here's the aftermath. She ran to/from the park at full speed, hopping and running all the way. Just shy of a mile. She's going to be a runner for sure! She definitely burned off some of her sugar.

So yes, we had an enjoyable Easter.


Nikki said...

What a great idea to have the kids turn empty eggs in at the end for a treat. I'll have to suggest this to some people around here!