Our Trip Back to the Midwest

A complete mess of pictures, but I have a few minutes while both girls are napping so I decided on a quick blog post.

Our trip back to the midwest was a success! My first time flying solo with both girls and somehow, I managed. I'm sure it was laughable to see my help Miss A on the toilet in the airplane. Imagine, Olivia in baby bjorn or sling. Me holding Miss A so she didn't have to touch anything on the airplane potty. All in a cramped space. Somehow, I made it. The bathroom events were probably the most challenging. Otherwise, we lived by our Sony 7-hour battery life DVD player and life was grand.

We (the Chef girls) made the trip back to the midwest because I was throwing a bridal shower for my soon to be sister-in-law, which was a success. Over 30 people at my parents house, more than I could have ever imagined, but it was great to see family and friends. Many of them meeting Little O for the first time.

We managed to do a few fun things while in Michigan, but a nasty cold/flu bug caught the best of us. My mom and I took turns holding Little O a few nights because she was so congested and could not sleep.

Along with Michigan, we made a special trip to Chicago. I saw a few friends, we went to the Shedd Aquarium, the Lincoln Park Zoo, a special cupcake place, and Aunt J took Miss A on a special park play date. It was a blast in the city. Miss A couldn't believe that "people live in tall buildings." And she laughed when she found out that her auntie lived in one of them. Our hopes were to take a trip to Michigan Avenue for some shopping, including the American Girl store, but the city was too overwhelming that we stopped at the aqaurium and headed back to Lincoln Park for a quieter setting. Much more peaceful.

A few hodgepodge pictures from our week long excursion.