Our Little Muffin Cup

Little O will turn 4 months on June 1. Crazy how time flies. She is starting to get a little personality and we L-O-V-E, it! She's also getting quite a bit of 'chub' on her legs.

As for her schedule, she's totally out of whack and it's driving me nuts! I was a nazi w/ routines and schedules for Miss A, but nothing seems to work for a routine for Little O. She has a mind of her own. We love her nonetheless.

Here are a few videos to prove it!

She has rolled over several times now (front to back), but I can't seem to get it on video. With a little help she can roll over back to front, although we're still working on this one. She wiggles and moves all over the place.

Here's Little O, gibbering and talking like a "peacock" as we call it. Whether she's mad or happy, it usually sounds like some type of cute animal.


Nikki said...

That's a far cry from CHUB on those legs :) She's a thin little thing! So cute. And 4 months, wow!