Our Little Helmet Baby

Little O is now fully accepting of her new helmet. She wears it at least 23 hours per day. The only time the helmet is removed is for a bath, and helmet washing, and sometimes to get clothes over her head. Otherwise, it's on all.day.long.every.single.day.

Trust me, the helmet doesn't slow her down one bit.

She still finds ways to climb under her baby einstein exersaucer.

Play like a little baby.

Crawl underneath the kitchen table and chairs.

Put EVERYTHING in her mouth she's not supposed to be "eating" ...

And yes, learning to stand up and play with her big sister, Miss A.

If anything, the helmet has turned into a protective barrier for her head. She wiggles in places and doesn't think twice about it because it won't hurt her if she squeezes herself between the coffee table and couch or under tables, hitting walls, etc.

She has become our plagiocephaly little helmet wearing baby. We have our first head measurement with specialist tomorrow to assess changes with the therapy thus far.

All I know, is that the helmet isn't slowing her down a bit! She one active little 7-month-old.