1st Day of Preschool

Going back to school is so much fun, especially for a 3-year-old. Miss A was definitely a little shy upon arriving ...

But she relaxed and became comfortable in no time at all.

Here is Miss A with her new teacher, Mrs. M. The class consists of 13 children. They have extra helpers in the classroom, but this is the main teacher. Miss A ADORES her thus far and we're off to a great 2nd week of classes.

Miss A has a special cubby with her name, too.

And just a few other pictures of the classroom. I did not snap too many, but a few to give everyone an idea of her classroom.

This preschool came highly recommended to us. Let's hope it lives up to the expectations. I never thought I'd be putting so much energy and effort into deciding on a preschool for Miss A.

The school states --- For over 20 years STAR Education has been a leading advocate for public schools, children and their families by providing award-winning educational and enrichment programs that promote student achievement, increased test scores, self confidence and a life-long love of learning. STAR Preschool is designed to identify and nurture the individual talents and interests of our students in a format the excites, inspires and motivates young minds. STAR Education's measurable results have earned it the prestige of being named a "MODEL PROGRAM" by the WHITE HOUSE and the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION. STAR Education is the largest provider of Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) in the State of California, and has been selected to be a state wide Supplementary Service Provider (SES) through the "No Child Left Behind Act."

Here's hoping for a wonderful year. So far, so good. Tomorrow is "share" day for Miss A and she is bringing Bitty Baby and wearing matching outfits.